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Monday, 26 August 2019

Trump with Modi

India and Pakistan together will resolve mutual issues, said Trump on meeting G7 in Modi meeting
Trump with Modi on Kashmir

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Speaking to the media, US President Donald Trump said, "We spoke with PM Modi on the Kashmir issue last night. PM Modi said that things are completely under control. I hope he will be able to do something that will be very good."  Said that I hope that India and Pakistan together will solve the problems. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a strong blow to Pakistan, hoping for help from America on Kashmir, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the presence of US President Donald Trump on Monday that all the Buddha between India and Pakistan is a bird and There is no role of any third party in this, Modi ji has been associated with Trump on the sidelines of G7 countries summit At the press conference, between India and

Pakistan, all are bilateral and we do not bother any country in the world. I believe that India and Pakistan, which were the first one in 1947, can also discuss all the issues together and their Can also resolve, agreeing with Modi who has offered mediation on Kashmir issue, said that India and Pakistan will resolve their issue.

The Prime Minister said that at the time of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan winning the election, he had told him on the telephone that both Pakistan and India have to fight poverty, illiteracy and disease, both countries together fought against poverty and its genres for the benefit of both.  Work together for their people

A few days ago when Imran Khan Pakistani Prime Minister met Donald Trump, during a press conference, Donald Trump told that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had called him for help on Kashmir , which was denied by the Foreign Ministry of India and told  Was that with any help from Prime Minister Narendra Modi so that the bar has not been done by Donald Trump, now Prime Minister Narendra Met  The Donald Trump has told the whole world during the press conference that Modi is capable of resolving Kashmir issue by talking to Pakistan and there is no need for any third country to talk about their opposition and Modi ji  And Pakistan itself can work out a solution to these issues, which can be seen very soon and as it is said that the Indian Home Ministry  It has also been made clear by the Ministry of External Affairs of India and the Ministry of Defense of India that it is ready to respond to every attack of Pakistan at any cost and it is fully capable of handling every situation in Kashmir slowly.  - It is just getting back on track and the situation that is normal there has been gradually relaxed on the internet because it was closed for some time.

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