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Saturday, 7 September 2019

Chandrayaan 2 mission

Chandrayaan 2 mission was praised by foreign media, bridges to praise ISRO

The Washington Post wrote, this low-cost space program is a huge success for India.  Chandrayaan-2 costs $ 141 million, which is several times less than the historic Apollo Moon mission of America.

New York Times, Washington Post, Guardian and BBC praised
Foreign media institutions told about the low cost

Iron is considered as India's technical efficiency

India's ambitious Chandrayaan-2 mission may have stayed away from its destination, but its technical skills and desire to become a space superpower have been widely praised by the foreign media.  Large media institutions such as the New York Times, Washington Post, BBC and Guardians have published several important reports on Chandrayaan-2.
The American magazine Wired has described the Chandrayaan-2 program as India's 'most ambitious' space mission.  Wired wrote in his report, "Not being able to land on the lunar surface of Vikram Lander and his Pragyan Rover is a big setback for the Indian Space Agency, but cannot say that the moon mission is completely over."

Technical skill example

The New York Times has praised India's technical skills and decades of space development.  The New York Times wrote, "Chandrayaan may not have landed on the moon in the first attempt, but it definitely shows the technical skills and decades of space development."  The report further reads, 'Partial failure of the Chandrayaan-2 mission, India missed joining the elite club which has landed on the lunar surface in the first attempt.  However, the New York Times also mentioned that Chandrayaan's orbiter is still in operation and orbiting the moon.

The British newspaper The Guardian has published an article prominently on the Chandrayaan mission titled, 'India's Moon Landing Safers Last Minute Communications Loss'.  In his article, the newspaper quoted the French space agency CNES scientist Matthew Weise as saying, 'India is going today where humans will be inhabited after 20, 50 or 100 years in the future'.

Proud moment for India

The Washington Post has written in its headline 'India's first encounter to land on the moon apiece to have felt' that the 'Moon Mission has proved to be the greatest pride for India'.  The article reads, 'Despite the failure, there was an outpouring of accolades on social media in support of the space agency and its scientists ... This incident may be a shock as a space mission but it saw the ambition of the young population of India deeply  May go.'
The Washington Post further wrote, 'This low-cost space program is a big success for itself.  Chandrayaan-2 costs $ 141 million, which is several times less than the historic Apollo Moon mission of America.

US media network CNN wrote, "There has been uncertainty in the landing of the rover on the surface of the moon, but the people of India celebrated each moment of landing and were subsequently silenced."

ISRO's big job with little expense

The BBC has also published a news story on India's Chandrayaan mission.  He has written that Chandrayaan's landing became a heading in the world because it is very economical.  The BBC wrote, 'Avengers: Endgame's budget is almost double that at US $ 356 million.  This is not the first time ISRO has carried out its mission at such a low cost.  Earlier in 2014, the cost of the Mars mission was only US $ 74 million.  This cost is 10 times less than the maven orbiter of America.

The French daily Le Monde called it a 'Broken Dream' and said that newspapers in India immediately started trying to balance their website after this incident.  The newspaper said that about the success rate of soft landing on the moon, scientists say that only 45 percent of the missions are successful.

Significantly, India's Chandrayaan mission suffered a setback in the early hours of Saturday when ISRO lost contact with the lander Vikram just two kilometers before the lunar surface.  With this, the future of Chandrayaan-2 mission costing Rs 978 crore has been shrouded in darkness.  Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) President K.K.  Sivan announced the breakdown of the contact and said that the work of the lander was right up to 2.1 km before the lunar surface.  After that he lost contact

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