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Tuesday, 3 September 2019

New traffic rules

                                      New traffic rules

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Controversy erupted over new traffic rules

New traffic rules apply in the entire country except three states

Madhya Pradesh Rajasthan and Bengal did not implement traffic new rules

The Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019 has come into force for traffic safety in the country. From today, the Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 63 new rules have come into force, the penalty has been increased by 10 times in the new rule. Meanwhile, the governments in Madhya Pradesh Rajasthan and Bengal  Has adopted rebel stance, new traffic rules will not apply in these three statesThe governments of the three states refused to enforce the new rule saying that the amount of penalty is high, in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, where the Congress government is in Bengal, Mamta Banerjee's party is ruling in Bengal, then action should be taken under the new Act  Many political meanings are also being extracted.

How much penalty for breaking which rule?
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The first helmet was ₹ 200 which has now increased to 1000 plus license to be suspended for 3 months.There was a maximum penalty of ₹ 500 for driving an unlicensed vehicle before ₹ 5000.The earlier fine for driving without insurance was 1000 which increased to ₹ 2000.Driving a vehicle without a certificate of pollution was fined Rs 100, which has now been increased to ₹ 500.A fine of ₹ 25000 for driving a vehicle by a minor can be punished as well as a 3-year sentence, with the registration of the vehicle canceled, the owner and minor guardian of the vehicle will be held guilty.A minor will not become a license until the age of 25.
Focus will be on stopping fake licenses

Till now you were not aware of the traffic rules, then no problem, but now this negligence is going to be very heavy. As soon as the notification related to the new Motor Vehicle Amendment Act-2019 is issued, strict action will be taken against the drivers who repeatedly break the traffic rules. Apart from this, there is also a provision for cancellation of driving license and confiscation of vehicle with heavy fines. Notification regarding traffic rules will be issued due to some clarification in the rules.
The Ministry will first issue a notification from Section 178, 194 to Section 200 rules by next week. The new rules will replace the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. All the state governments can implement the major rules of the Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill-2019. The main focus of the bill is to ban the creation of fake driving licenses and strict action against those who repeatedly break traffic rules. Repeated traffic violators license is canceled, it is mandatory for a person to take a refresher course in an authorized government institution before applying for a new license. Without this, the application will not be accepted.

States will make a driving license register

In the new section 25A, it will be mandatory for all state governments to make a state register of driving license. Full details related to the driver and vehicle will be recorded in it. Along with this, the State Register will have to be associated with the National Register of Driving License of the Central Government. Unique driving license number of each driver will be issued by the center in the National Register. Without this number, the state governments will not be able to renew or create a new DL of a person. With this arrangement, the record of breaking traffic rules anywhere in the country will be available and it will be possible for them to take heavy penalty, jail, punishment including cancellation of DL and confiscation of vehicle.

30 lakh fake DL in the country

In the current system, a driver has four DLs. There are 30 lakh fake DLs across the country. Therefore, the provision of making learning driving license and permanent license in the new traffic rules has been made quite accurate. In this, the entire process of DL has been made online with Aadhar card linked.

-Principal Bharti, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said that the notification regarding traffic rules will be released by Tuesday. The key rules of the Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill will be released first.

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