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Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Problem of growing population - side effects

Problem of growing population - side effects


Population growth means that a situation arises in which the number of people, despite not wanting, becomes so much that there is a shortage of sources to live.

Today, the total population of the world is more than 7 billion, out of which China is followed by India.  Increasing population is such a big problem that it is difficult to guess.
If seen broadly, the larger the population of a country, the more will be the need of natural resources and resources in that country.

And in this situation the social and economic condition of that country deteriorates.  China had already realized this problem, so many decades ago, it imposed many kinds of punishments for giving birth to more than a child.  Because of which most people produced only one child.  However, some changes have been made in it now.

Well, let's also look at some figures.  North America occupies 16 percent of the world's land, while only 6% of the world's population lives there.  Even more surprising than that, 45% of the world's income is with them.

On the other hand, Asia is spread over 18% of the world's land, while 67% of the world's population lives on this territory.  But still they own only 12% of the world's income.  If we talk about African countries, then the situation there is worse.

One thing that can be easily understood from these figures is that the economic social status of countries with extreme population is always worrying.  Their citizens not only had difficulty in getting enough food, but the quality of the food they got was very low.

The side effects of this trespassing population can be easily seen in South Asian countries such as China, Bangladesh, Philippines, India and Pakistan.

India ranks second in terms of population with a population of 1.3 billion in a world with a population of 7 billion.  And with all the serious problems of the country, it is also a serious problem.  The population of many territories in India is more than the population of many countries of the world.  And Uttar Pradesh is at the forefront of them.  In which a population of 166 million or more than 16 crores was inhabited.  Which is more than the population of Russia.  Because the total population of Russia is around 150 million.  Similarly, 

Chhattisgarh from Orissa Canada is a state with more population than Australia.
We have looked at the data but we have a detailed discussion on how these figures are generated.

Due to increasing population

1. Higher birth rate than death rate

The main and natural causes of population fluctuations in any country are the birth rate and death rate.  The situation in India right now is that the birth rate is much higher than the death rate.  In 2016, the birth rate in 2016 was 19.3 per 1000.  That is, 19.3 new babies are born among 1000 people in a given time period.

Whereas in the same time period only 7.3 people are dying among 1000 people.  That is, the number of people is increasing every moment.  It is not being said that the death rate should be increased but rather attention should be paid to how to reduce the birth rate.

2. Lack of family planning

Most people in India have no plans for their future generations.  They think they can have children anytime from 15 to 45 years of age, and thus have many children.
Which has a profound effect on the economic condition of their household when those children grow up.  The saree system collapses as soon as their economic condition weakens.

3. Religious orthodoxy

In a country like India, there is still no shortage of people with conservative mindset who think that planning to raise a family is wrong.  Whatever is there is the gift of God.

Mostly the woman who is going to give birth to a child is unable to do anything about it because doing so becomes like going against God.

At the same time, the Muslim religion has a different fund, the birth rate of Muslims is many times more than the Hindu. According to some surveys, in order to increase their community more and more with the old opinion, Muslims raise dozens of families.  .

4. Married at an early age

Marriage at an early age is also one of the major causes of population growth.  Even in this modern era, many children and girls get married at an early age.

He is married only when he is neither physically and mentally fit nor financially and emotionally strong.  In this situation, they too have many children, which further promotes population growth.

5. Poverty

Poverty also plays an important role in increasing the population of the country.  Many family members also produce many children because they need the help of children to run their life.

Their poverty continues to force them to produce many children.  Children become children, but they are not able to maintain them well, so that they go from poor to poor.

6. Lack of education

Even for whatever reasons just stated, one of the reasons is lack of education.  If adequate education is found, issues like lack of family planning, religious orthodoxy, marriage at an early age and poverty can be fought.  Family planning does not directly indicate illiteracy and lack of ignorance, especially among women.

Those who are illiterate do not understand statistics.  They find it difficult to understand how many problems arise due to population explosion in the country.

These are some of the major causes of the overpopulation (population explosion), now let's look at their side effects.

Effects of increasing population

1. Pressure on natural resources

More population means, maximum exploitation of natural resources.  If more people are there, then more things will be needed for them to eat and drink and live and wear.

People will put various types of jugaad to provide all the things and that same jugaad will continue to pressurize the earth.  As a result, there will be increasing concern on all the issues like global warming and lack of food.

2. Increase in poverty

It is obvious that if more people are there then the exploitation of natural resources will be more.  But nature can also give a limited amount of resources.

Apart from that, a lot of things are needed.  Due to poverty, the children of the people are neither able to study nor progress.  In this case, they remain poor to poor.

3. Compulsion of migration

There are many places in this country where there is a shortage of all the natural resources like eating water. People are already poor and go poor with increasing generation as their population increases.

But when too many people start living in a particular place, that too in an area with less resources then life becomes difficult.  To deal with such a situation, people there have to flee under compulsion.

4. Difference between rich and poor

A man produces half a dozen children in his house because he is illiterate.  He is educated because he was poor.  And was never able to read and write.

Now these half-dozen children will also remain poor, because they too will not be able to read, write and be educated.  They will then repeat the same process that their ancestors repeated.  Thus, he will always be poor.

He is rich educated and knows what the family planning measures are.  Therefore, there will be limited family and will grow richer with each growing generation.  In this way, the difference between rich and poor from the trespassing population also increases.

So these were the effects of the trespassing population in some important areas of society.  Now go to their disposal.  In this modern era, to be successful in curbing trespassing population means to remove all the problems like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and economic backwardness.

Although it is not so easy to do all this, if a few important points are taken care of, a lot of control can be found.

Solution to growing population

1. Family Planning

For a prosperous and prosperous country, it is necessary that the common people of that country remain healthy and their population should be in accordance with the economic condition of the country.

This is possible only when the common people of that country understand this and will contribute to control population growth by adopting family planning measures.

2. controlled rate

The controlled rate means a fixed-time difference between the births of children.  Which is very important.  Doing so will also help in reducing the birth rate.

If there is a fixed duration difference between two children, then the health of the children along with the parents will be fine.  When his health is good, his education and initiation will also be right.

3. Marry at a young age

As we just mentioned that getting married at a young age is also a big reason for the trespassing population, so if not married at a young age, it will help to control the trespassing population.

Although the constitution of our country provides for marriage of girls at 18 and boys at 21, in many parts of the country people still marry at a very young age.  Which is quite fatal for the society.

4. Empowerment of women

Empowerment of women will help ease the growing population of the country.  In many cases it is seen that no opinion of women is taken in the matter of raising a family.

Women are not even empowered to express their opinion in front of everyone.  They simply remain as a machine to produce children.

In such a situation, if women develop empowerment, then decision-making capacity will also develop in them.  And the ability to implement those decisions will also develop.

5. Improving Primary Health

Although governments always claim to provide good healthcare, it is difficult to do so.  When the health of the people is good, they will be vigorous in improving their economic condition.

And when his financial condition is good, then only he will be able to give good education, good food and good care to his children.  When their children get good education, they will be able to understand the ill effects of population explosion well.  And will try to reduce it.

6. Education reform

Education is a link without which it is difficult to achieve anything.  If education is not there, no section of the society will be uplifted.  If education remains, people will understand the difference between good and bad.

At the same time, their economic and social status will also improve.  Take the farmer as an example because the farmer comes from a weak economic situation.  If he does not get a good education, he will remain the same as his previous generation.

But if they get good education, by doing good studies, they will be able to make good money by changing Amul Chul in the farmer itself, or else they will be able to do a lot more than the farmer, the same will happen in all sections of the society.

Therefore, good education will go a long way in reducing the population explosion.

7. By spreading awareness

There are a large number of people in our country and society in such age groups who are now difficult to send to school.  But the situation can be rectified if they are explained well what are the consequences of overpopulation.

If people go back among the countries in the backward areas, through any medium (audio, video, print, drama) that their population explosion is harmful for them, then positive results can be seen.

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