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Tuesday, 10 September 2019


Rafael means 'storm', know its characteristics

Rafale fighter aircraft have been at the center of Indian politics for the last three years.  It was also an issue of opposition parties in the Lok Sabha elections.  However, the central government has been dismissive of the allegations.  The government claims that this deal was necessary to be completed early to strengthen the Air Force.  However, all these things went in cold storage after the election.
Now the update is that on October 8, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will visit France and take handover of India's first Rafale fighter aircraft.  Rafael's 36-month consignment will return to India within the next eight months.  After this, Indian pilots will be trained to fly advanced Rafale aircraft.

What is Rafael plane

The Rafale aircraft is a 2-engine fighter aircraft built by the Dassault Company of France.  Rafale fighter jets are designated as Omnirol planes, which are capable of playing a crucial role during the war.  Air raid, ground support, air supremacy, heavy attack and nuclear deterrence are the characteristics of Rafale aircraft.

Why choose Rafael only?

For financial reasons, Indian Air chose Rafael after a long test.  Actually Rafale aircraft was not the only option for the Indian government.  Many international aircraft manufacturers had offered from the Indian Air Force for this deal.  Out of these, six big airline companies were selected.  Including Lockhead Martin's F-16, Boeing F / A-18S, Eurofighter Typhoon, Russia's MiG-35, Sweden's Saab's Gripen and Rafael.

The Indian Air Force shortlisted Rafale and Eurofighter based on the aircraft tested and their price.  Eurofighter Typhoon is quite expensive.  For this reason also, it has been decided to purchase 126 Rafale planes from Dallas.  Advanced in technology, the aircraft is capable of carrying out air reconnaissance, ground support, in-depth strike, anti-sharp strike and nuclear operations.  It has multi-mode radar.

Features of rafael

Rafael can reach a height of 60 thousand feet in a minute.

Its maximum carrying capacity is 24500 kg.

The aircraft has fuel capacity- 17,000 kg kg.

It is a two-engine fighter aircraft, which is the first choice of the Indian Air Force.  Can be sent in every kind of mission.

Able to carry 24,500 kg and guarantee 60 hours of extra flight.

150 km Beyond Visual Range Missile, air-to-ground scalp missile.

Scalp missile range of 300 km, 6 months guarantee for weapons storage.

Rafale has a maximum speed of 2,130 km / h and a firepower up to 3700 km.

Equipped with 60,000 ft altitude and 4.5 generation twin engine in 1 minute.

75 per cent of aircraft are always ready for operation, capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

Rafale has been used in Afghanistan, Libya, Mali and Iraq.

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