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Saturday, 12 October 2019

Japan rains storms

                                     Japan rains storms

Torrential rains and stormy winds have disturbed most parts of Japan. The current picture of Japan may be the worst condition in the last 60 years.

The cyclonic storm hit the mainland of the Izu Peninsula, southwest of the Hegibis capital, Tokyo around 7 pm local time.

Currently, the storm is moving towards the eastern coast of the country at a speed of 225 km per hour.

There are reports of loss of life and property due to the storm. In Chiba, east of Tokyo, a man was killed after his car overturned. At least 60 other people have also been injured.

In view of the serious situation, more than 70 lakh people have been asked to leave their homes and go to safe places. But only 50 thousand people considered it appropriate to leave their home.Train services are disrupted, more than a thousand aircraft stand at airports. Thousands of homes are plunged into darkness due to no electricity.The Meteorological Department has warned that there may be up to half a meter of rain in the capital Tokyo between Saturday and Sunday.There is also a possibility that landslides and floods may arise due to heavy rains.