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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Maharashtra elections: Devendra Fadnavis running politics in Maharashtra on 'Modi pattern'?

Maharashtra elections: Devendra Fadnavis running politics in Maharashtra on 'Modi pattern'?

The last date to fill the nomination papers for the assembly elections 2019 was October 4. On this day, it has been decided in all the constituencies, from where is it going into the election arena.

In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party wanted to contest the elections alone but decided to enter the electoral fray with the Shiv Sena. This time BJP and its allies are contesting 164 seats while Shiv Sena is contesting 124 seats.

The BJP announced the names of all its 150 candidates, including 125 in the first list, 14 in the second, 4 in the third and 7 in the fourth (the other 14 seats are with the allied parties).

In its list of 150 candidates, BJP has cleared the cards of 14 former MLAs along with some former ministers. That is, the BJP has shown courage to reject the candidature of the MLAs along with the minister.

At present, the leadership of Maharashtra BJP is in the hands of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and BJP State President Chandrakant Patil.

In the footsteps of Modi

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah had also adopted similar politics in Gujarat. When Modi was the Chief Minister there, only he used to walk there. At that time, the rule made by Modi still remains today.After the BJP came to power in 2014, Modi-Shah started bypassing senior party leaders. Senior leaders were not fielded and were confined to the advisory committee. In Maharashtra, the Fadnavis-Patil couple is also adopting this political srtategy.

Deep thinking behind the decision to give tickets

The BBC contacted BJP spokesperson Keshav Upadhyay to find out the reason for bypassing prominent leaders.
He said, "The party has taken this decision only after considering, for us the party is supreme. First comes the country again, the BJP has always followed it. Those who wanted to enter the electoral fray also opposed it. They have not done it. They have accepted the decision of the party. Eknath Khadse has also indicated his confidence in the party. "

What happened in Gujarat?

Ajay Nayak, executive editor of Divya Bhaskar, Ahmedabad, said, "After becoming the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Modi bypassed the leaders likely to stall. Gujarat had an earthquake in 2001. Keshubhai Patel was the chief minister then. He had to face defeat in the assembly by-election due to a lack of rehabilitation. After that Modi became the Chief Minister. Come to power Immediately after the area he began bypassing leaders like former chief minister Suresh Mehta. "
Says Ajay Nayak, "Modi's image deteriorated due to the 2002 riots. To improve this, he started Vibrant Gujarat. Gujarat is going to develop through investment. It was told to the people there. Shankar Singh Vaghela Party Had left. Leaders like Haren Pathak, Nalin Bhatt and Kashiram Rana were sidelined. Modi-Shah dominated Gujarat politics till date. Chief Minister Vijay Rupa Wife, close to Shah. So overall not exist any politician in Gujarat BJP to dare to speak against Modi-Shah. "

Senior Eknath Khadse is also out of the race

Senior political analyst Abhay Deshpande says, "The central government is completely run by Modi. The same method was adopted in Gujarat and now the same is being repeated in Maharashtra. It would be more correct to call it the Modi pattern. Those who were not given electoral tickets There are different reasons for that. Among those who were not given tickets, there are three such leaders who are considered close to Nitin Gadkari. "
Deshpande says, "The Congress and NCP have done so before. The decision of not giving ticket to Chandrashekhar Bawankule was taken by senior leaders or taken for local reasons, it is not yet known."
He says, "Eknath Khadse was the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly before 2014. He was a natural candidate for the Chief Minister's post after coming to power but Modi-Shah preferred Fadnavis over him. Khadse resented him but in the Bhosari case Had to resign. And he made his objection on the last day of the assembly session. He was not given a ticket this time, the reason behind this is clear that in case of winning They must not make the minister. "

Fadnavis became more powerful

Deshpande feels that in the recent past, no other Chief Minister had got the right to take the decision of the party at the state level.
He says, "After BJP came to power, Pankaja Munde, Sudhir Mungantiwar would also have been a contender for the post of Chief Minister. A direct message was given to the rest of the leaders along with them. There are many similarities between Chief Minister Fadnavis and Prime Minister Modi. Both of them have all their There is complete control over ministries. Policy is not paralysis. They take strong decisions. Earlier BJP was known to take collective decisions but Not anymore. "
Senior journalist Aditi Phadnis says, "This may be good, but the politics of revenge starts developing on its own so that it can dominate the power."
Says Ajay Nayak, "The BJP was in a bad state in the 2017 Gujarat Assembly elections, after seeing that leaders like Alpesh Thakur, Dhawal Singh Jhala were inducted into the BJP from the Congress. After winning the elections in 2017 on a Congress ticket Jawahar Chavda, who reached the assembly, resigned from the post of MLA on the morning of March 8 this year and joined the BJP, the same evening he was sworn in as a minister. "
He says, "Leaders from other parties were given the position but the leaders already present in the party could not protest against it. Prioritizing the old leaders of the party over the leaders of other parties in the BJP has become a part of politics. "

Where to go?

Aditi Phadnis says, "Those who have not been given tickets are not willing to utter a single word against them. Khadse made a little effort but they also calmed down."
After trying to find out the reason for this, Aditi says, "Those who have not got tickets have no choice but to accept the party's decision. The opposition is very weak."
She says that trying to go against the party can be costly, they know these leaders. If we ask for justice at the center, then all the rights in the state have been given to Fadnavis. Nitin Gadkari was definitely trying to speak, but he too became calm because where to go.

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