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Monday, 28 October 2019

Opposition questions from Modi government on the departure of 27 MPs from Europe in Kashmir

Opposition questions from Modi government on the departure of 27 MPs from Europe in Kashmir

For the first time since the special status of Jammu and Kashmir ends on August 5, a team of 27 MPs from Europe is going to visit the state. It is being said that this team of MPs will go to different areas of Jammu and Kashmir to see the ground truth.

Prior to the visit to Jammu and Kashmir, this team met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India's National Security Advisor Ajit Doval on Monday.

These MPs are from Britain, France, Germany and Poland. It is being said that they are not going on any official tour, rather they have come in a private capacity. It is also being said on social media that most of these MPs are close to the right-wing idea. The important role of India's NSA office is being told in this tour.

Earlier, India turned down US Senator Chris Van Hollen's request to go to Kashmir. The opposition party Congress and CPM have said that the government has banned Indian leaders and MPs from going to Kashmir and is allowing foreign MPs to leave.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has tweeted, "MPs from Europe are being welcomed for a guided tour in Jammu and Kashmir while Indian MPs are banned."

On Monday evening, members of the European Union delegation met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and discussed many issues related to trade including Kashmir.

Without naming any country on this occasion, the Prime Minister said that the biggest problem facing the world today is the financing of terrorism and terrorism.

He said, "Terrorism and fundamentalism is the biggest challenge facing diverse and democratic communities like India and Europe. International cooperation is needed to fight terrorism."

"Tough measures should be taken against anyone who supports terrorism, helps them or helps people or organizations engaged in such work or adopts a policy of supporting terrorism. Also should not be tolerated in Surat. "

European Union leaders going on a tour of Jammu and Kashmir were also very excited about their visit.

Bill Newton Dunn, leader of Britain's Liberal Party, who was in the delegation, said, "I have heard a lot from the people about the situation in Kashmir and we want to know the ground reality here and know how the people are."

"We will talk to some locals because we want everyone to have a happy life."

At the same time, former Deputy Chief Minister of J&K and BJP leader Kavindra Gupta feels that the government should take the EU delegation to the areas close to the border.

There is a demand to cancel the tour
This is an informal delegation of 28 members of the European Union which is going to visit Jammu and Kashmir on October 29. Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has demanded that the tour be canceled immediately.

He wrote on Twitter, "I am surprised that the Ministry of External Affairs has arranged the visit of leaders of the European Union to Jammu and Kashmir in their personal capacity. It is against our national policy. I appeal to the government that it is unethical And this tour should be canceled immediately. "

Mehbooba Mufti, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and leader of the Peoples Democratic Party, questioned the government on social media on the issue.

He pointed out that many leaders, including the three former chief ministers of Jammu and Kashmir, are still under arrest or under house arrest. These include himself Mehbooba Mufti, Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah.

Mehbooba Mufti tweeted several and wrote, "If the EU leaders can get permission to go there to take stock of the situation in Kashmir, why not the US senators?"

In another tweet, he wrote, "Why is the delegation not being allowed to meet the three former Chief Ministers of the state. There can be two things to any face - if these delegations describe the situation as normal then those who have been kept in custody Should be abandoned and internet facility should be restored. If they say that the situation is not normal then it will be shameful for the government. "

Recently, the Government of India rejected the request of a leader of the US Senate to visit Kashmir. It was also discussed internationally.

On 31 October, the state of Jammu and Kashmir will be transformed into two union territories - Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh.

Meanwhile, this visit of the members of the European Union is considered to be important, but many doubt whether this delegation will be able to know their mind from the common people.

For the last three months, the government has not banned any political delegation, nor any NGO from outside, even foreign journalists.

So suddenly a new delegation is coming. To what extent will it work independently or will it be a tutored tour?

Will the restrictions imposed in Kashmir be removed before the tour. I think it is not right to say anything about this at the moment because they do not know what their results will be and whether it will prove to be important or they are just presenting a sample to show.

If a chosen group is being allowed to go to Kashmir, then their independence will be questioned.

I do not believe that this tour should be canceled. I believe that the way should be opened for everyone, including the delegation.

If the government says that everything is fine then Kashmir has been opened for tourism, but neither politicians nor media people can go there. If there are such restrictions, it is clear that there is some problem.

The government wants to stop the movement of a particular type of people. I think this should not happen so that the truth of Kashmir can come out.

On 31 October, the state of Jammu and Kashmir will finally be transformed into two Union Territories - Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh. Is the visit such a sign for the international community?

I believe that it is a matter of creating your own image and maybe there will be a difference on it. But there does not seem to be any positive or negative difference in the situation.

With whom will the delegation talk

Many reports from the areas of South Kashmir or from the downtown areas of Srinagar where people were imposed more restrictions and people have been affected more, it is estimated that people are not speaking anything to anyone in fear.

People do not want to talk because they feel that if they talk then there will be some kind of force on them again.

Will they be able to talk freely in front of them? This is the biggest question. In such a situation, the results of this team will also remain unilateral. There will not be all sides in it.

Many big leaders and separatist leaders are still arrested or in custody. Not only the top leaders, but the leaders of the second queue and the third queue are also in custody or arrested. Moreover, the block level leaders are also in jail.

Business group people, lawyers, NGO people, academic people are also in prison or under house arrest. In such a situation, with whom will this delegation talk.
Then by taking a VIP team which will sit separately, what kind of people will they meet? There will be strict security for them and they will not go to villages and meet people.

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