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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Property worth lakhs with Mumbai beggar, fixed deposit in bank

Property worth lakhs with Mumbai beggar, fixed deposit in bank

A unique case has come to light in Govandi area of ​​Mumbai. Millions of rupees have been recovered from a beggar living in a slum in the area.

This is known after the passing of the beggar. Senior Inspector of Mumbai Police Nand Kishore Sastha told about this, "This beggar was injured while trying to cross the railway track from Govandi to Mankhurd at 7.40 pm on October 4. We took him to Rajawadi Hospital, where he Declared dead. "

After this, the police reached their hut. Police received fixed deposit papers worth Rs 8.77 lakh from the hut. While there were 96 thousand rupees deposited in the bank account of the beggar. Apart from this, 50 lakh, one rupee, two rupees and five rupees coins were also received, including one lakh 47 thousand rupees.

Nobody even got a clue

The special thing is that Biradichand Azad or Sadhubaba had deposited this money only by begging. Miraj Qureshi, who runs a rickshaw in the area, told BBC Marathi, "I knew him since childhood. He used to beg at the railway station. I could never have imagined that he would have this much money. How did he collect it?" Will? He used to live like a beggar, never thought he would have money. "

Due to the nearly 11 lakh rupees received near Sadhubaba, everyone in the area is discussing them only. Najma Bano, who lives in the neighborhood of her hut, says, "Nobody cares what a beggar earns throughout the day. Sadhubaba kept whatever he earned in a small bag. We never thought he had that much Money will be there. He always kept a small bowl containing coins. "

Saeeda Begum, another woman living in the neighborhood, said, "He has always been like a beggar. He has never worn good clothes. Never seen good shoes and slippers. One can accumulate so much money by begging, it is absolutely incredible It seems. We used to wonder how anyone can live by just begging. They never told about their family. "

People are also discussing that this area is such that if anyone had a clue that they had so much money, they would have easily lost their money or stolen it. But Biradichand did not let anyone doubt him because of his dress and living style.

However, police investigations have revealed that Biradichand was from Rajasthan and has two sons.

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