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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Rafal: How powerful is the jet India is getting from France, how important?

Rafal: How powerful is the jet India is getting from France, how important?

On October 8, Air Force Day, India is going to get its first Rafale war plane. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has arrived in France to take it. He himself gave information about this by tweeting before going to Paris.

The Rafale fighter aircraft that India is getting has been made by the Dassau Company of France and there were many controversies about its purchase.

When was the agreement?

In 2010, the UPA government started the purchase process from France. The conversation between the two continued from 2012 to 2015. In 2014, the Modi government came to power in place of UPA.

In September 2016, India signed a deal of about 59 thousand crore rupees for 36 Rafale aircraft with France.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in September 2016, "In the context of defense cooperation, it is a matter of pleasure for the purchase of 36 Rafale fighters that the two sides have reached an agreement, barring some financial aspects".

What is the dispute?

Regarding the deal in September 2016, the Congress claimed that the price of one Rafale fighter jet was fixed at Rs 600 crore during the UPA government, but when the deal was finalized during the Modi government, according to each Rafale about 1600 Crores will be worth Rs.

Former Union Ministers Arun Shourie and Yashwant Sinha, along with senior advocate Prashant Bhushan, filed an independent inquiry petition in the Supreme Court of India Supreme Court alleging irregularities in Rafale's purchase but related to the deal in December 2018 The court rejected all the petitions filed and rejected the demand for investigation under the supervision of the court.

However, he again filed a review petition. It said that there are many factual mistakes in the court's decision. The decision of the Supreme Court is based on the wrong information given in a sealed envelope from the government, which does not even have any signature of any person.

Regarding the price of Rafale, its number and other irregularities, Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi had said, "It is not the job of the court to compare the fixed Rafale price. We studied the case, negotiated with the defense officials, We are satisfied with the decision-making process. "

The court also said that "We cannot investigate this decision as to why only 36 aircraft were traded in place of 126 Rafale. We cannot tell the government that you should buy 126 Rafals".

But defense expert Maruf Raza says that Rafale is the best financial deal India has got.

Maruf Raza says, "Any new weapon is taken in the Indian Army, it is tested very carefully. It is only after a long investigation that the army advises to buy it. A war aircraft against the Rafale will be used for the entire Indian subcontinent." It is not only. Whether it is China or Pakistan or any other country. That is why there was a lot of propaganda about it. Also there was a lot of controversy about its purchase but no one is now That could not be proved. "

32 aircraft are insufficient

On the one hand, Maruf Raza says that India is buying two squadrons of 16-16 aircraft to meet its defense needs, on the other hand, the opinion of defense expert Rahul Bedi is contrary to them. He told the BBC that so many aircraft for India are inadequate.

They say that the strength of Indian Air Force will definitely increase from Rafale, but its number is very less. According to him, 36 Rafals will be consumed in Ambala and Hasimara Squadron of West Bengal.

He says, "Two squadrons are not enough." There are 42 squadrons of Indian Air Force and there are only 32. According to the number of squadrons there are no fighter aircraft. We not only want quality, but we also want numbers. If you are competing against China or Pakistan, then you also need a number of fighter aircraft.

No doubt on Rafale's ability

The Indian Air Force had described Rafal as a great fighter aircraft and said that it has tremendous capabilities.

Maruf Raza says that due to the specialty of Rafal, it can be called a force multiplier.

They say that Rafale's flying range is much more than ordinary war planes and weapons.

Says Raza, "His missiles can be fired from 300 kilometers away which will hit his target exactly. The operational availability of Rafale is 65 to 70 percent while that of Sukhoi is fifty percent. This means that half the planes of Sukhoi Can be in maintenance at any time. "

He says, "It is not a multi-roll, omni-roll aircraft. It can land in small places on hilly terrains. It can land on a moving aircraft carrier in the sea."

What is the Rafale fighter plane equipped with?

Raffal aircraft capable of delivering nuclear missiles.

• Ability to use the world's most convenient weapons.

• It has two types of missiles. One has a range of one hundred and fifty kilometers, and the other has a range of about three hundred kilometers.

• Nuclear-armed Rafale can fire up to 150 km of air-to-air missiles and has a range of 300 km from air to ground.

• China and Pakistan also do not have aircraft like Rafale.

• It is an advanced version of the Mirage 2000 used by the Indian Air Force.

• Indian Airforce has 51 Mirage 2000s.

• According to Dassau Aviation, the speed of Rafal is Mach 1.8. That means a speed of about 2020 kilometers per hour.

Height 5.30 m, length 15.30 m. Oil can be filled in the air in Rafale.

• Rafale fighter jets have so far been used in battles in countries like Afghanistan, Libya, Mali, Iraq and Syria.

• Former Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar had said that Rafal's target would be infallible. Rafal is capable of monitoring up and down, side-by-side. Meaning its visibility will be 360 ​​degrees. The pilot just has to look at the opponent and press the button and the computer will do the rest.

Equipped with many features, Rafale which is being purchased from France has not been officially equipped with nuclear weapons. This has been done due to international treaties.

However, many experts believe that India will develop it as per Mirage 2000 itself.

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