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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

This Durga Puja of Kolkata is different

              This Durga Puja of Kolkata is different

I am muslim He is Hindu. I celebrate Durga Puja with it. It celebrates Eid with me. Now you wonder why this is so? "

Mohammad Ali, who lives in Munsiganj township of Khedirpur, Kolkata, says this very smoothly.

Mohammad Ali says, "Now look, this is Hindu and I am a Muslim. It believes in Durga Maa. I believe in Allah. Now think about whether you have ever heard a mess between Allah and Durga Maa. Tell .. "What is heard? No. Never heard. Hey, why don't we fight here on earth when there is no mess between them?"

Those living in Munsiganj township of Khedirpur, Kolkata claim that they have been continuously celebrating Durga Puja for the past 70 years.

Abdul Ali, who celebrates Durga Puja, says, "We have been celebrating Durga Puja here every year. There is nothing Muslim Hindu here. We all work together."

It has now been 10-11 in the evening in this colony of Kolkata. People have started going towards their homes. Once a stronghold of leftist politics, the emergence of Hindutva forces has been seen in the last few years.

There were some cases of religious tension in Asansol, Raniganj, Purulia or 24 Parganas in West Bengal. In many previous cases it has been seen that in cases of communal violence, false news and blatant statements played a big role.

But when people were questioned in this colony with a population of seven hundred people, whether such statements and rumors would not affect them.

In response, Vikas, who lives in the same area, says, "One thing I know is that there was never a Hindu-Muslim feud in this colony. And Allah will not have ever wanted to. But we have been living here since we were born." They know each man. They also live with love. They do quarrels. This is common. But it is clear that there has never been a Hindu-Muslim quarrel here. not He came.

At the same time, Prem Shukla, who is present, tells us to trust the videos that have come on newspapers, TV channels and mobiles to see and enjoy.

He says, "We have not studied so much that we can understand big things. But we understand that if you wake up in the morning, then be fun and spend the evening laughing with friends."

Meanwhile, Koenur Begum Durga, who lives in this township, meets us after bowing her head in front of Durga ji's idol while passing through the puja pandal.

When we asked Koenur Begum whether idol worship was not wrong for him in terms of religious beliefs.

In response to this question, he said, "Tell us that when we have an accident on the road, blood starts to bleed from our head and we need blood, then we take blood after seeing religious beliefs. Do we ever see that Hindu Should I take blood or take Muslim blood? "

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