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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

We did not ask Turkey to attack Syria: US

We did not ask Turkey to attack Syria: US

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says that the US did not give the go-ahead to Turkey's attack in North Syria.

Pompeo also defended the decision to withdraw US troops from north-eastern Syria. This decision of Trump is being severely criticized within the US and the rest of the world.

Turkey has begun airstrikes in areas occupied by Kurdish fighters in north-eastern Syria.

Turkish President Rechep Tayyip Ardoan says that the aim of these air strikes is to 'stop the Terror Corridor from occurring' on the border.

Turkish security forces are trying to create a 'safe zone' where there are no Kurdish soldiers. Turkey says that this 'safe zone' will also house Syrian refugees.

The Kurdish-led security forces have responded to the Turkish attacks and there has been a conflict between soldiers on both sides.

The Kurds helped defeat the Islamic State in Syria and they were important allies of America in the fight against IS.

Currently, the Kurds protect thousands of IS fighters and their relatives living in camps in prisons in their controlled areas.

It is not yet clear whether they will continue to do so in the event of war.

The US military says it has detained two British nationals who are notorious for their barbaric role in an IS cell.

This cell held about 30 citizens of Western countries hostage and tortured and killed them.

The names of these British citizens are Al Shafi al-Sheikh and Alexandra Koti. Both of them were members of the British cell of IS whose pseudonym was 'The Beatles'.

Both of them have now been released from a prison held by Kurdish-backed forces in northern Syria.

What did Mike Pompio say?

In an interview to US broadcaster PBS, Mike Pompeo defended the shocking decision of the US president.

Pompeo also said that Turkey has 'genuine concern for security' and that he is 'battling terrorist threats in his south'.

Pompeo described the media reports as 'completely wrong', saying that the US allowed Turkey to attack in north-eastern Syria.

He said, "America did not give green signal to Turkey."

Now US President Donald Trump has said that he does not 'support' Turkey's attack. Trump also called Turkey's move a 'bad decision'.

In an earlier statement, the US President said that if Turkey exceeds its limits, it will 'destroy' its economy.

Later in a press conference, Trump said that Turks and Kurds 'have been fighting for each other for centuries.' Trump said, "Kurdish fighters did not help us in the second world war."

After saying all this, Trump added one more thing, "Despite all the things I told, we like the Kurds."

Trump supporters were also against

Donald Trump's decision to withdraw US troops from North-Eastern Syria came abruptly.

Trump's decision is facing criticism from both his own party, the Republican and the opposition Democratic Party.

Senator Linzi Graham, considered a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, has also condemned Trump's decision. He said, "America shamelessly left its ally."

Graham said, "The administration has refused to take any action against Turkey. In such a situation I expect strong support from both parties."

He tweeted several successive tweets in support of the Kurds and wrote, "America is better than this. Mr. President, please stand against Turkey."

How will this affect the Islamic State?

Kurdish-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) say they are detaining more than 12,000 suspected IS members in their seven prisons.

Of these, at least 4,000 are foreign nationals. Their exact location has not been known yet, but it is being told that some of them are close to the border with Turkey.

According to reports, two camps of suspected IS families are within Rose and An Issa 'safe zone'.

International reaction to the attack in Syria

The European Union says that there is little hope that the alleged safe zone will be able to meet the international conditions for the withdrawal of refugees.

Belgium, France, Germany, Poland and the UK have requested the UN Security Council to meet and discuss the current situation. All 15 members of the Security Council will meet on Thursday.

The Arab League has also called an emergency meeting to discuss Turkey's attack in Cairo on 12 October.

Yen Stoltenberg, Secretary General to Neto, said that Neto members are a "real security related threat to Turkey" but he hoped that he (Turkey) would take into account any steps that would be taken into account that it was 'just and necessary'.

US President Donald Trump also said in a statement that Turkey will have to take the responsibility that the IS militants suspected should remain in jail and the IS should not be able to be rebuilt.

How are things in Syria right now?

According to information received on Wednesday, many villages and cities of Syria carried out airstrikes, due to which thousands of people had to leave home and flee.

Kurdish security forces said that so far at least five civilians have died in the attacks and at least 25 people have been injured.

The Kurdish-backed SDF reported that a prison with IS fighters has also been hit by Turkish air strikes.

In the midst of a growing humanitarian crisis, the SDF has requested to create a 'no fly zone' to prevent 'attacks on innocent people'.

At the same time, the Turkish army has tweeted that they have targeted 181 targets of 'terrorists'.

According to SDF spokesman Mustafa Bali, his security forces have retaliated after the Turkish attack.

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