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Thursday, 17 October 2019

What is the meaning of love affair between Saudi Arabia and Putin?

What is the meaning of love affair between Saudi Arabia and Putin?

During the Cold War, some people considered extremely serious in Saudi Arabia used to call Russian leaders as 'Godless Communists'.

It was unimaginable then that a Russian leader would have been wholeheartedly welcomed in Saudi Arabia but things have changed a lot now and this week Russian President Vladimir Putin was given a strong welcome there.

He was given a salute of 12 guns. King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman were also present at the ceremony.

After their release of the Kurds in northern Syria, Saudi Arabia made several bilateral agreements with Russia and also reviewed the regional situation.

So now that Saudi Arabia is coming close to Russia and what is the reason for this?

What happened in Putin's Saudi tour?

President Putin visited Saudi Arabia for the first time in his 12 years in office. The tour was as unprecedented as it was widely publicized.

He was accompanied by a large delegation of trade, security and defense officials, who signed bilateral deals worth $ 2 billion and more than 20 agreements were announced during this period.

Saudi Arabia also invited Russia to participate in the ongoing international investigation into the drone attacks on state oil company Aramco on 14 September.

There was also a possible discussion on the purchase and future deployment of Russia's air defense missile S-400 in defense matters, which is a diplomatic setback for the US.

When Turkey signed a deal with Russia to buy the S-400 missile defense system in 2017, the US said that if Turkey does so, it will cancel the deal to deliver F35 warplanes.

Recently, Turkey went ahead on its deal with Russia, so now the US has canceled the F35 deal with it.

Bilateral trade between Saudi Arabia and Russia has increased since June 2018, and global oil prices have risen recently following cooperation between the two to ban oil production.

During this visit of Vladimir Putin, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) has also made announcements regarding investment.

All these indicate a warm-up in relations between Saudi Arabia and Russia, which were strongly related to the Afghan Mujahideen in the 1980s.

So what is the reason for the growing relationship between the two countries?

To put it frankly, today Saudi Arabia is no longer confident of America and the countries of the west as it used to be earlier.

But this also does not mean that he has started trusting Russia. But with the events of this decade in the Middle East, Saudi Arab think tanks are revisiting it.

The biggest setback came from Arab Spring Protest 2011. Under American pressure, the speed with which Hosni Mubarak, who was president of Egypt for three decades, ended in fear in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf kingdoms.

On the contrary, they could not even notice that Russia stands in support of the besieged Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The next setback came after the then US President Barack Obama supported the Iran nuclear deal in 2015. Saudi Arabia was very uncomfortable with this. He feared, which is true that the Obama administration is losing interest in the Middle East.

When newly elected President Donald Trump chose Saudi Arabia for his first foreign tour in 2017, he was very happy. His relations with the US were seen to be back on track when deals worth billions of dollars were announced.

But in October 2018, when Saudi journalist Jamal Khashozzi was murdered by agents of the Saudi government, it was widely criticized worldwide.

The leaders of the West began to distance themselves from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's suspected involvement in it. They were isolated at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires. But here Putin met him with great enthusiasm.

Although President Trump advocated a good relationship with the Saudi leadership, the Arab administration is still disappointed with America's unpredictable and impractical approach to the region.

This week, Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to Britain, Prince Khalid bin Banader, described Turkey's incursion into northern Syria as a 'disaster'.

Asked about the heat in relations with Russia, he said that "Russia understands the countries of the East better than the Western countries."

During eight years of civil war in Syria, Russia has helped save the Assad regime. He not only showcased his modern military weapons but also spread his strategic footing.

The US sold military equipment to Saudi Arabia Air Defense, which failed to stop the drone attacks on Aramco on 14 September. Relations between the US and Saudi have remained uneasy even after the Khashoji murder case.

Saudi and its Gulf allies are trying to reduce their dependence on the West.

Now what next

All these events need to be seen in one perspective.

America is still the main security partner of Saudi Arabia. It began in 1945 with a meeting of US President Franklin Roosevelt and Saudi King Abdulaziz ibn Saud on an American warship.

Then Saudi Arabia guaranteed to maintain the supply of oil in future, then America provided security. But even after that agreement, the situation remained muted.

Today, the US military has bases in all six Arab countries of the Gulf. The fifth fleet of the US Navy, headquartered in Bahrain, is the most powerful army in the region.

When Trump came to Saudi Arabia, a deal worth over $ 100 billion was announced. Only two billion dollar agreements have been signed with Putin this week.

But there is no doubt that in the Middle East, the structures of alliances are not only shaking but are also undergoing a lot of changes. In the coming time, more visits to Russia and China are expected in Saudi Arabia.

America is still a major ally sitting at Saudi's table, but now many more guests are sitting around it.

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