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Tuesday, 26 November 2019

China should allow UN Observer: Britain

                China should allow UN Observer: Britain

Britain has told China that it should give 'uninterrupted and immediate permission' to UN observers in its Xinjiang province.

Britain has said this when leaked data has revealed that China has kept thousands of Muslims in extremely tight security jails in Xinjiang province where they are abused.

The BBC Panorama has seen official documents that show how Muslims are being punished by incarceration.

But the Chinese Ambassador has described this 'leak' as 'fake news'.

Chinese Ambassador Liu Shaoming says, "First of all, I would like to say that there are no such labor camps that you are referring to. We call them vocational, education training centers, they have been created to stop extremists. ''

Evidence of 'brainwash' of Muslims in China

Gulzira's tragedy

But such evidence has been found which contradicts the claim of the Chinese ambassador.

Gulzira has spent 15 months in one such secret prison camp in China.

She says, "They said we will brainwash you." There is a problem with your thoughts. We were told that religion is not good for us. He used to repeat the same thing every day. They are destroying our religion and tongue. I used to cry a lot because I used to miss my daughter and my house a lot. ''

Gulzira says, "Janjir was put in my hands and feet in such a way that it was not straightened. The arms and legs and face were also swollen due to the chains. We would not have known how long we would have to stay in this condition.

'Attempting to interfere in China's affairs'

Contrary to Gulzira's claim, Chinese Ambassador to Britain, Liu Shaoming, says "steps like training centers have been taken to protect the local people." This is the reason why there has not been a single extremist attack in Xinjiang in the last three years.

He says, "Some people in Western countries think about it a little more and try to interfere in China's internal affairs." This hinders China's efforts to fight extremism. ''

China's government has been campaigning against Islamic extremism in Xinjiang province and there have been reports of banning of Weigar Muslims in this regard.

These include prohibitions such as having an 'unusual' long beard, placing masks in public places and refusing to watch government TV channels.

China's Weigar Muslims are settled in Xinjiang province, who have been accusing the government of discriminating against them. There have been many bloody conflicts in this province in recent years.

But the Chinese government blames Islamic extremists and separatists for this violence.

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