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Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Formation of Maharashtra government: Sharad Pawar thus defeated Amit Shah's strategy

Formation of Maharashtra government: Sharad Pawar thus defeated Amit Shah's strategy

Chanakya Sharad Pawar of Maharashtra has defeated all other Chanakyas.

NCP leader Nawab Malik said this after the resignation of Devendra Fadnavis from the post of Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

The unexpected political turn of four days ago in the politics of Maharashtra finally came to an end on Tuesday and BJP's efforts to form a government by breaking NCP failed.

On the order of the Supreme Court, there was to be a majority test in the Assembly on Wednesday, but before that Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar resigned.

In this way the way to form a non-BJP government in Maharashtra has been cleared.

The Chief Minister's chair in this government will be handled by Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray, but many people are considering Sharad Pawar as the biggest winner of this whole event.

This is the first time in front of BJP under the leadership of Amit Shah, when she has been out of power even after winning so many seats.

Earlier, the BJP was successful in forming the government despite being away from majority in states like Goa and Haryana.

The BJP had left no stone unturned to form the government in Karnataka.

Even in Maharashtra, Alsubah Devendra Fadnavis was sworn in as Chief Minister with Ajit Pawar, but Sharad Pawar's aggression and maturity turned his hopes on.

How did Pawar lose the winning bet
Senior journalist Sujata Anandan says that she had never seen such a political game in her journalistic career.

She says, "Whenever a party presents a claim to form a government, they have the numbers. It was clear from this game that Ajit Pawar was accompanied by ten-twelve MLAs and later he too did not live. Sharad Pawar represented 53 of his 54 MLAs in his favor. With only Ajit Pawar left, he resigned from the post of Deputy Chief Minister on Tuesday. Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress support their MLAs Managed. "

Sujata Anandan believes that more damage was done to BJP and Devendra Fadnavis in this game because 'Ajit Pawar was playing safe game'.

The tussle between the BJP and the NCP had begun even before the Maharashtra elections.

The election campaign was at its peak. But with this, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) teams were conducting raids against Sharad Pawar's nephew Ajit Pawar. After this, Ajit Pawar also resigned from the post of MLA.

During the Maharashtra election campaign, the ED also filed a money laundering case against NCP Chief Sharad Pawar.

Amidst all this, it was believed that with the increasing age of Sharad Pawar, NCP is moving towards its end.

But Sharad Pawar worked hard in Maharashtra elections on his own and held more than 100 meetings.

In an alliance with the Congress, Pawar won 125 tickets, which was also opposed in the Congress.

Sujata Anandan explains, "When Sonia Gandhi came to know that within the Congress, there was a protest against giving 125 seats to the NCP. Because some Congress leaders were saying on what basis did Sonia Gandhi finally give 125 seats to NCP Whereas NCP would have been prepared for 100 seats. "

"On these voices of protest, Congress President Sonia Gandhi told the Congress leaders that if they bring a leader of Sharad Pawar's stature in Maharashtra, they will agree to it. After that, Congress leaders did not find any such leader. Like this protest ended. Sonia Gandhi also trusted Sharad Pawar for the Maharashtra elections. "

"At the same time, Sharad Pawar also campaigned on his 125 seats as well as Congress seats as he had done on NCP seats. This was followed by electoral results in which NCP got 54 seats and Congress got 44 seats. . At the same time, BJP got 105 seats and Shiv Sena got 56 seats. "

Messed up three times'

Sujata says that the BJP was 'overshadowed' three times by the NCP.

She says, "Before the election, they broke the big leaders of NCP. Then filed an ED case and for the third time broke their family. Pawar was not going to sit silent. Outsmarted. "

Sujata believes that BJP's mistakes were also behind Sharad Pawar's success. She says that the BJP ignored the ground situation and did not give the necessary respect to the Shiv Sena.

According to him, "We had expected that the Congress would not get more than 10-15 seats and NCP 20-22 in the results. But they got more than this because their vote was completely non-Hindutva vote. When BJP 105 If the seats were reduced, he should have respected the demands of the Shiv Sena. "

Did Pawar give Shah a check and defeat?
Discussion is going on in the political corridors at this time whether Sharad Pawar has cheated and defeated Amit Shah in the chess of politics.

Senior journalist Girish Kuber, who understands Maharashtra's politics closely, seems to agree with this.

He says, "It is true that Sharad Pawar has succeeded in forming this alliance with great political acumen. Amit Shah wanted to form a government in Maharashtra as per Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Sikkim and Goa. But He did not understand Maharashtra. He was playing as if it was a children's game and he could do whatever he wanted. It could not be done in Maharashtra because the politics of resistance here Has been a tradition of the person. "

Girish Kubera believes that the NCP has benefited the most from this development and will also happen in the future.

He says, "This whole thing started when Sharad Pawar was going to Baramati in his car after the election results came in. During this time he got a call from Sanjay Raut in which he said that Shiv Sena BJP Is going with it, but is it possible that NCP-Congress and Shiv Sena can form government together. "

"A few days after this discussion between Pawar and Raut, Devendra Fadnavis publicly spoke of being the BJP's chief minister for the next five years. This was an incident that has taken the form of a coalition that is currently taking shape. The foundation was laid. After this, Pawar gradually increased his height. He never said anything openly but his party is getting the biggest benefit in this whole exercise. "

Girish Kuber says that after the results, the BJP people were already saying that Sharad Pawar was going to join them as part of an unannounced campaign. But Sharad Pawar's decades of political history have been secular. The BJP failed to understand them. And the first big mistake was not to give respect to Shiv Sena.

He says, "He could not understand his friend, nor his enemy. There have been only two leaders in Maharashtra who have a great understanding of the whole of Maharashtra. Sharad Pawar and Pramod Mahajan. The BJP remained raw in the understanding of Maharashtra's politics." "

How stable will the government of the three factions be?

The constituents of the new government that are going to be formed in Maharashtra are far away from each other on the basis of political ideology and loss and profit.

The Shiv Sena is seen trying to pull the Hindutva vote bank on all other issues from the Ram temple.

At the same time, NCP has opposed Congress President Sonia Gandhi in the past by calling her a woman of foreign origin.

Congress politics has been focused on the issue of secularism.

In such a situation, the question arises that how many days the joint government of these three parties with conflicting political ambitions and ideologies will be able to run. And even if this happens, who will benefit from it and who will be hurt

Girish Kubera says in response to this question whether this government should remain or fall, but Shiv Sena is sure to do its damage.

He explains, "Shiv Sena was born in opposition to the Congress. And it is natural to question the future of this government because running a government is not just a game of arithmetic. It requires cohesion and coordination."

He says, "Suppose if BJP raises the issue of NRC in Maharashtra then what will be the attitude of these three parties. Because non-Muslim politics is being done through it. What will the Shiv Sena do in such a situation?"

Except this, Shiv Sena is doing politics on the issue of Hindutva. Uddhav Thackeray goes to Ayodhya. They openly say that a Ram temple should be built. In such a situation, if Thackeray later makes similar statements, what will the Congress do? In such a situation, the Congress will be questioned on these issues outside Maharashtra and it will be difficult to answer these questions.

Girish Kuber says that if this government falls in any situation, then NCP will also benefit in this because they have shown their strength in Maharashtra.

He says, "When the government falls, the BJP will say with full force that now we should get a chance to run the government. And in that case, where will the Shiv Sena go, it will tell the time. But the surest benefit will be to the NCP."

What will be the future of the government of these three parties, it will be decided on how the Common Minimum Program of these parties is implemented and how dedicated these parties are to running the government.

Girish Kubera compares this incident to jowar ebb. He says, "The tide has already started for the BJP in Maharashtra and now the ebb is beginning. A message of BJP's failure in Maharashtra will definitely be sent at the national level."

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