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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

How BJP is spreading its wings in Kashmir and Ladakh

How BJP is spreading its wings in Kashmir and Ladakh

People's Democratic Party (PDP) headquarters in the Kashmir Valley remains closed even after more than 100 days of repeal of Article 370 and Section 35A.

In the Red Chowk area of ​​Srinagar, the door of the lowly party headquarters of poplar trees is closed between the pointed wires. Paramilitary personnel stationed there are activated by our presence. A small window in the bunker says, "Are you a journalist?"

His gun barrel is stretched in front of the road. When he ensured our identity, he said, "You shouldn't be here. Don't take a picture of the building."

However, after a little persuasion, he allowed us to create some visuals for the news story.

People's Democratic Party spokesman Tahir Saeed explains, "How can an office function when all party members are reportedly under house arrest".

On August 5, 2019, the Government of India abolished the special status of Jammu and Kashmir by repealing Article 370.

Since then, internet is closed in Kashmir while half the mobile phones are not working. Common transport and most business institutions are closed.

Peaceful protests are also not allowed on the streets, in which people can be detained, arrested and bonded for release.

After repealing Article 370, the Government of India reconstituted the State of Jammu and Kashmir and divided it into two Union Territories - Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.

People's Democratic Party spokesman Saeed says, "Whatever is happening after August 5 is nothing short of a joke for democracy. I would call it 'Demon Crazy' instead of Democracy."

Saeed is among the few leaders who are not in custody.

Even till now, most of the leaders of the main political parties of Jammu Kashmir - National Conference, People's Democratic Party and People's Conference are either under arrest or in custody.

They are not allowed to be involved in other members of the party or in any political activity. Earlier, thousands of members of Kashmir's largest socio-religious organization Jamaate-Islami were detained.

On the other hand, in the state office of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Srinagar, it looks bright, not only are the party's officials-workers, visitors are also coming.

A fleet of vehicles is seen outside the office. When we reached the BJP office, then Jammu and Kashmir BJP General Secretary Ashok Kaul reached the office and people are waiting to meet him, most of them are party workers.

Ashok Kaul explains, "For the past few years, we were working to strengthen the party in Jammu and Kashmir. Now we are getting the support of the people. I feel it in the Srinagar Party office. Whenever here Come, Kashmiri people come to meet, they want to join the BJP and are joining the party in large numbers. "

BJP is readying its land

The BJP is trying to strengthen its base in Kashmir, while PDP spokesman Tahir Saeed says that the BJP is mocking the democratic system across the country.

Tahir Saeed says, "The BJP is looking at the interest of its party instead of the national interest. If they had cared for the country, they would neither curb any political party nor political activity. Even the main opposition party, Congress Even meeting is not allowed. It is only a joke of democracy. "

Since the 90s, neither the assembly nor the Lok Sabha has won any seat in Kashmir, but the party wants to prepare its cadres at the ground level.

BJP's Ashok Kaul explains, "In 2015, we had 2.5 lakh members in Kashmir. We started a membership drive from July 6, 2019. Then the internet was running, 46 thousand new members joined the party online. After the internet ban We have launched an offline membership campaign. Yesterday we have added the number of members, offline we have added 60 thousand members ie we have reached 3.5 lakh members in the Kashmir Valley. "

BJP's membership drive has been completed. Now BJP is busy finalizing the structure up to the booth level, BJP is going to do this work for the first time in Kashmir Valley.

Kaul explains, "3.5 lakh workers can take part in the election of the booth president. It is going to be for 5000 polling booths. After this we will elect the assembly speaker and then the district president. We try till December, 2019 Get this election done. "...

Other parties are not getting the chance to grow '

Rashida Mir is a member of the state executive of the BJP. She has been associated with the party for the last three years and she is looking forward to the future of the party in Kashmir.

Says Rashida Mir, "After the removal of Article 370, we were finding it difficult to convince people at the ground level, but when we told people how they would benefit from it, people understood."

On the question of BJP getting more space to run its campaign due to the detention of leaders of opposition political parties, Rashida Mir said, "Whoever is guilty, will always be in custody, but the truth is that we have to keep our Have an opportunity to strengthen the situation. "

On the one hand the BJP is going to finalize its party structure in the next few months, on the other hand, the opposition parties have not been able to work on their party structure after the reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir.

Three chief ministers of the state, political leaders and activists of all mainstream parties except BJP in Kashmir have been in custody since August 5.

According to Ejaz Ashraf Wani, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Kashmir University, when there is a democracy in the curb, the ruling party gets the benefit.

He explains, "It is not good for any democracy when you are not facing any political challenge. In the case of Kashmir, this is an unprecedented situation in which you are not giving a chance to the competitors in democracy, it is You can call it a controlled democracy or a controlled democracy. In such a situation the BJP will be strong. Such situation has happened in Kashmir before. Congress was doing the same thing before, now it is JP is doing. "

According to Ejaz Ashraf Wani, "BJP's strength will increase in Kashmir. All the regional political parties have historically talked about Kashmiri identity and Article 370 in their manifesto, now they will have no place left. It is also being said that The Kashmiri leaders have cheated the people. They always talked about making Article 370 fixed but it did not happen. In such a situation, if they say that we will Holes will cease to be restored to 370, so there will not affect them. "

Akbar Lone is a National Conference MP from Baramulla district of North Kashmir. They claim that no sensible person from Kashmir will join BJP and those who are claiming to join the party are making false claims.

Akbar Lone says, "The future of our party is secure. They are saying that people are joining BJP, who have joined them? Those who have joined BJP are either terrorists deployed towards the government. Or some rogue people. "

According to Akbar Lone, "In Ladakh, people are not joining any party. Cadres of National Conference and Congress are connected with their own parties. Some people have definitely joined BJP in Kargil of Peoples Democratic Party but Ladakh "The PDP party is not very strong. There is not going to be any change."

Revenge of Ladakh, Kargil also changed

Ladakh has also become a union territory. The people here got mixed reactions to the action taken by the Government of India regarding Jammu and Kashmir. Protests were held in Kargil against the decision of the Indian government, but in Kargil itself, five big leaders of the PDP have joined the BJP.

Katcho Gulzar was a member of the PDP before becoming a member of the BJP. He was the PDP president in Kargil area, he believes that everything has changed in Ladakh after the formation of two union territories.

He says, "The PDP has lost its base in Kargil. Ladakh is the new union territory. Political parties which are Kashmir-centric cannot have a presence in Ladakh."

Katcho Gulzar says, "We were also against dividing Jammu and Kashmir into two parts. But this was done in Ladakh or Kashmir without any advice. We had no option but to join BJP. Even if the PDP leaders are not in custody, the party in Ladakh seems to be ending. "

"The PDP in Kargil has been completely out of place since 5 August, while the BJP is steadily strengthening," says Kargil journalist Muttaraja Fazli.

According to Fazli, "In the recent BDC elections, two candidates contesting on BJP ticket won while two independents are also supporting them. It is a good performance if we consider the last few elections as the basis. Article 370 The repeal has also proved to be a strategic moment for the BJP, as PDP leaders like Haji Inayat Ali have since joined the BJP. The political Fiza is gradually changing though has changed in Leh. "

Along with Kashmir, Kashmiri politics is also going through a decisive phase, this is a period from which no one can accurately describe the future of Kashmir.

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