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Friday, 29 November 2019


Hyderabad Doctor Murder Case: A creeping incident - four arrested

The incident of burning alive after an alleged sexual assault with a 27-year-old vet in Hyderabad, Telangana has come to light.

Hyderabad Police has arrested four people in this case.

According to Telugu media reports, she parked her scooty at a toll plaza and went ahead by cab, upon returning she found her scooty punctured.

After which the girl decided to return home from the cab after scooting her to the toll plaza.


Police sources told BBC Telugu correspondent Bala Satish that it was 9 o'clock at night when the victim went to take her scooty at the toll plaza. She was also talking to her sister at that time.

The victim told her sister on the phone that they are afraid to stand alone on the road, suddenly some people are seen, some people are even talking about how to fix them.

The girl told her sister on the phone that a truck driver stopped by her and she talked about fixing Scooty. When the girl refused to get the truck driver to fix the scooty, the truck driver still followed them.

The girl's sister advised them to stand near the toll plaza, on which the girl did not agree and they told that all the people were staring at her which made them scared.

After this, the girl said to call her sister in a while, but after this, her phone switched off.

Then his family members came near the toll plaza and searched for him and after that a missing report was lodged with the local police station.

On Thursday morning, an undressed corpse was found under an under construction bridge in an area adjacent to the police station. After which the girl's family came and identified her.

What happened between the girl and her sister?

In the phone conversation between the victim and her sister, it is felt that what kind of fear they were feeling at that time.

Quoting sources, the BBC correspondent has given details of the conversation of the two sisters. In the conversation, the victim is telling her sister about being scooty puncture. After this, the girl's sister asks them to leave Scooty and come home but the woman replies that they have to go to work the next day too, so it is very important to bring Scooty.

The woman tells her sister about the truck driver, as well as that she is very scared.

What does the police say

In this entire case, the police station superintendent said that the matter is being investigated. Also, four accused have been found successful in arresting them.

According to the Superintendent of Police, the rapes have not been confirmed yet. The police have the suspicion that some of those who were chasing the victim must have done this to them.

According to CCTV footage, the victim was taken to a secluded area near the toll gate where she was allegedly raped.

After this incident, Commissioner of Hyderabad Police Anjani Kumar tweeted.

He has written in the tweet that if any person ever feels fear, then they call 100 numbers. Police petrol car will reach you in 6-8 minutes, Hyderabad City Police has 122 petrol cars that will come to you for help. We are always with you.

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