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Thursday, 14 November 2019

Public hearing of impeachment investigation against Donald Trump begins

Public hearing of impeachment investigation against Donald Trump begins

The first public hearing related to the impeachment investigation against US President Donald Trump began in Washington on Wednesday.

The US president is accused of pressuring Ukraine to launch an investigation against his political rival Joe Biden and his son. The US President denies this charge.

Top diplomats Bill Taylor and George Kent are among the first witnesses to appear before MPs of the House of Representatives. George Kent is in charge of Ukraine policy of USA.

He has accused Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Juliani of defaming American diplomats in Ukraine. He said that Juliani's attacks disregarded the national interests of the United States and Ukraine and damaged the relations between the two countries.

Earlier, Speaker of the House of Representatives Adam Schiff said that the subject of investigation is whether the US President took advantage of Ukraine's weakness and invited him to intervene in the US elections.

As a result of this impeachment, the US President can be removed from office. But this will happen only if the House of Representatives impeach him and the Senate approves it.

Impeachment is being heard for the fourth time in the history of America. For the third time, its proceedings are being shown on television.

What is impeachment?

Impeachment is a kind of investigation through which the US Congress President can be removed from his office.

Some people feel that the President has to be removed in this, but in reality it is a two-stage process which is carried out by the two houses of Congress. Impeachment is the first phase and political process is the second phase.

In the first phase, the leader of the lower house, the House of Representatives, looks at the allegations against the president and decides whether to formally accuse the president. It is said to "pursue investigation into allegations of impeachment."

After this, the upper house, the senate, taking the matter forward, investigates whether the president is guilty or not. If they are found guilty, they have to step down and replace the vice president.

It is being said that impeachment can be passed in the lower house i.e. House of Representatives. But a two-thirds majority is needed to pass it in the Senate and there is an overwhelming majority of Republicans here (Trump is the Republican President)

Impeachment brought against how many presidents?

Only two presidents in the history of the United States, Andrew Johnson in 1886 and Bill Clinton in 1998, were impeached, but could not be removed from office.

In 1974, President Richard Nixon was accused of spying on one of his opponents. It was named the Watergate scandal.

But he had resigned before impeachment because he knew that the matter would reach the Senate and he might have to resign.

What is the case against Trump?
President Donald Trump has been accused of conspiring against a rival to win his next presidential election.

Trump alleged that in a phone conversation with Ukraine's President Vladimir Zelensky, he pressured Zelenski to investigate claims of corruption against Joe Biden and his son

So did Trump break the law?

Many people do not agree that impeachment can be brought against anyone by asking a foreign leader to defame his opponent.

Trump says he has done nothing wrong and has described the impeachment investigation as "motivated by maliciousness". The White House has also refused to cooperate in this investigation.

But this will not reduce the difficulties of the trump. Because a whistleblower has complained about a phone call made to the President's office on 25 July this year.

Trump has stopped millions of dollars of military aid to Ukraine. Four top officials say that Trump has made it clear that this money will not be given until Ukraine starts an investigation into his opponent. However, the White House denied this.

What will happen next?

These investigations will be done by small groups of leaders i.e. committees. Every committee has expertise in understanding one thing related to this matter such as Committee on Foreign Affairs, Committee on Economic Affairs and Committee on Justice.

Public witnesses will also be called in this case.

The President's lawyers will have the right to participate in this entire process.

If the committee decides that the charges against the President are framed, then members of the House will vote on it.

How likely are you to impeach?

A simple majority is required to get impeachment against the President in the first phase.

Since the majority of the opposition Democratic Party in the House, may be successful here.

Democratic Party leaders have said that they want to vote in this matter before the end of this year

So will Trump have to step down?

Trump is not in this mood at all. His Republican Party says that he has 53 seats in the 100 seats of the Senate and two-thirds of the votes are needed to get Trump out of the office.

In such a situation, if some 20 members of Trump's party refuse to support him, then there will be some great upheaval. But till now the Republican Party has been supporting them.

Is impeachment then only a political drama?

Trump's supporters believe that Trump's opponents want to weaken him by denting his votes. This entire process can tarnish the image of the President.

But Nancy Polacy, speaker of the House of Representatives, the lower house of the US parliament, says the White House has "reached its lowest level" during the Trump era.

Businessman-turned-president Trump has been caught in many legal disputes before. He has been charged with allegedly influencing investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 US elections, not showing his tax documents, and giving money to two women for allegedly accusing him of sexual violence.

Maybe the latest issue of Ukraine may prove to be the last nail in their list.

But the proposal of impeachment is also not a less risky deal for the opposition. If this investigation is not successful, then it can have an impact on the elections in 2020 and the opposition may have to bear the brunt of this.

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