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Saturday, 2 November 2019

US report related to terror funding may increase Pakistan's difficulty

US report related to terror funding may increase Pakistan's difficulty

A report released by the US State Department says that Pakistan has failed to stop the funding of extremist organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed.

The US State Department has said this in the annual report on extremism prepared for 2018 on the resolution of Parliament.

Earlier, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an agency monitoring the financial support to extremism, also gave Pakistan four months' time to take concrete action.

BBC correspondent Naveen Negi contacted Professor Muqtadar Khan at the University of Delaware in the US to find out what are the main things in this report of the US State Department and how difficult it can pose for Pakistan. Read their perspective.

Every year the US State Department presents its report on global terrorism. In this, there is a mention of the extremist incidents happening around the world, as well as which country is doing what about it.

On the basis of this report, the Parliament of America decides on the financial assistance given to these countries.

According to the latest report, Pakistan did not do two things. One is that Pakistan has committed itself to taking action against the extremist groups operating on its land. Secondly, the government of Pakistan has not taken any steps to curb the fund raising work for extremist organizations in Pakistan.

There are boxes in the streets to raise money for organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba and people usually pour money into them.

This is very serious news for Pakistan, because just two weeks before this, the Paris-based FATF said that they had given 27 action points to Pakistan last year, 22 of them did not take any action and if by February 2020, it did something If not done, it will be blacklisted.

Due to this, foreign financial assistance, foreign investment, will be difficult for Pakistan.

FATF is an international body that tries to reduce Terror funding.

Both these reports, which came between two weeks, clearly show that Imran Khan is not taking any steps for the big things that he had done in the fight against extremism in New Pakistan.

How much pressure on Pakistan?

US lawmakers will pressure Pakistan on this issue. However, it cannot be said now what the White House will do.

This issue is being discussed a lot in the media. However, this much coverage has not been seen in the US media yet.

However, this report comes every year and it is said in the report that Pakistan is still not taking any action.

That is why people and leaders do not react to this so much as should be done on this issue.

United States

According to the reports, it has also been said in the report that Pakistan had promised to help in the US talks with Afghanistan-Taliban, but did not do much on it.

Also, no steps were taken to stop the fund raising of the Haqqani group and this group operating openly in some provinces of Pakistan.

America's military, cultural and political attitude towards Pakistan has definitely changed.

15-20 years ago, he did not consider India as his ally, whereas he saw Pakistan as a close ally and friend. But now this attitude has changed completely.

Despite the difficulties related to business and now Kashmir, America sees India as a big ally, economic ally and close. But this is not the case with Pakistan.

He says that he does not want to improve relations with Pakistan, but is compelled because he is trapped in Afghanistan. And a section of America is also troubled by the nuclear weapons that Pakistan has.

They are afraid that if those weapons fall into the hands of Lashkar-e-Taiba, Taliban or Al Qaeda, then it will be a big threat to the international community.

Therefore, maintaining America's relationship with Pakistan is a compulsion of America

How much pressure on Imran Khan?

Imran Khan's speech in the United Nations about Kashmir received a lot of coverage in Muslim countries. There was a lot of media coverage in England as well. But the major media of America did not get that much attention.

Pakistani-Americans and some other Muslim-Americans praised Imran Khan's speech.

But this did not change the image of Pakistan or Imran Khan.

Secondly, Imran Khan has spoken a lot of anti-American talks before the elections and in his politics of last 10-15 years. For example, America's hand has been told behind issues like 9/11.

So the foreign policy officials of America are not ready to forget them so soon.

All analysts in South Asia know that Imran Khan is definitely anti-West and anti-American. However, they are now trying to coax Western opinion.

But apart from that, besides Pakistan's security, there are economic issues. Pakistan has deepened relations with China. He has borrowed several billions from China.

However, China is not able to give them that much financial help. Forcing Pakistan to turn to the IMF and the World Bank again.

America will need help there again. They cannot get IMF loan without America's loan guarantee.

The FATF report is more important than the Washington report. If pressure is put on in February and it becomes temporarily blacklisted then the Government of Pakistan will take some steps.

Imran Khan has a very close relationship with the radical section of Pakistan. Whatever he says, Imran Khan says the same things diplomatically on the international stage.

Imran Khan's attitude towards him is very sympathetic. Therefore, it will be difficult for Imran Khan to take tough measures against these extremist groups.

How much support will India get?

At present, the diplomatic situation of India has become a bit weak because of Kashmir.

And the way the Government of India took European MPs to Kashmir recently, India has been weak on the diplomatic level for the last few weeks.

It is being said that after the removal of Article 370 in Kashmir, extremism can increase there.

If this increases and the alleged human rights violation by the army in Kashmir increases then it will be difficult for India to isolate Pakistan on the international stage on the issue of extremism.

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