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Thursday, 14 November 2019

Vashistha Narayan Singh from NASA to Oblivion

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Vashistha Narayan Singh from NASA to Oblivion

Well-known mathematician Vashistha Narayan Singh of Bihar has passed away. Vashistha Narayan Singh, who has been suffering from mental illness for decades, breathed his last in Patna at the age of 74.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has mourned his death. Vashistha Narayan Singh's life was full of ups and downs. His life is very interesting from working in NASA to anonymity.

Situ Tiwari from Patna did a story on the life of Vashisht Narayan Singh in 2015 when his anonymity was in the discussion. Read that whole story

An old man was walking around the whole house with a pencil in his hand. Sometimes a newspaper, sometimes a copy, sometimes a wall, sometimes a railing of a house, writing something wherever they wished, some bubbling.

The housemates used to watch them, sometimes tears in their eyes and sometimes smiled on their faces.

This 70-year-old 'Pagla Sa' man was famous as 'Scientist' in his youth. Meet the great mathematician Vashistha Narayan Singh Vashistha Narayan Singh, suffering from schizophrenia for nearly 40 years, was living a life of oblivion in an apartment in Patna, but the book, copy and a pencil were his best friends.

Bhai Ayodhya Singh, who was living with him in Patna, said, "He brought with him 10 boxes of books from America, which he used to read. Like the rest of the small child, once in three to four days, a copy, pencil for him Had to be brought.

Vashistha Narayan Singh challenged Einstein's theory of relativity. It is famous about him that when 31 computers were shut down for some time before the launch of Apollo at NASA, then the computer and their calculus was one when the computer was repaired.

As a student at Patna Science College, he used to interrupt his mathematics teacher for wrong teaching. When the college principal came to know, he was taken a separate examination in which he broke all academic records.

In the family of five siblings, financial constraints were always encamped. But this did not eclipse his talent, the talent was recognized
When Vashistha Narayan Singh studied at Patna Science College, Professor John Kelly of the University of California caught sight of him. Kaili recognized his talent and in 1965 Vashistha Narayan moved to America.

In 1969, he did his PhD from the University of California and became an associate professor at the University of Washington. Also worked at NASA but did not mind and returned to India in 1971.

First IIT Kanpur, then IIT Bombay and then ISI Kolkata.

Meanwhile, in 1973, he got married to Vandana Rani Singh. The family members say that this was the time when people came to know about Vasishtha's unusual behavior.

Her sister-in-law Prabhavati says, "Being very angry at small things, closing the room and reading all day and day, waking up throughout the night was involved in his behavior. He also used to eat some medicines but what she was sick of, Used to defer the question. "

Sickness and shock

Vandana also got upset due to this unusual behavior and got divorced. This was a big shock to Vashisht Narayan.

It was around this time that he was also disturbed by the behavior of his colleagues in ISI Kolkata.

Bhai Ayodhya Singh says, "Bhaiyya (Vasishtha ji) used to say that many professors got his research printed in his name and this used to bother him a lot."

He had his first attack in 1974, after which he began treatment. When this did not happen, in 1976, he was admitted to Ranchi.

According to the family, if the treatment went well, they were likely to be cured. But the family was poor and the government did not help.

In 1987, Vashistha Narayan returned to his village. But suddenly disappeared in 89. In the year 1993, he was found in Doreganj, Saran in a very pathetic condition.

All will be scraped

Ayodhya Singh, brother of Dr Vasishtha, retired from the Army, says, "After the intervention of the then Defense Minister, I was transferred to Bangalore where Bhaiya was treated. But then I was transferred and could not be treated. Since then till now He is at home. "

Dr. Vashistha's family was now hopeful about his treatment. Boxes filled with books in the house, things written by Vasishtha Babu on the walls, his written copies used to scare him. The fear was whether after Vasishtha Babu it would all be sold like a trash.

As his sister-in-law Prabhavati also says, "If the minister's dog falls ill in India, then the line of doctors is in place. But now we are worried about the books, not the treatment for them. made."

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