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Monday, 2 December 2019

How the scam was done in Uttar Pradesh home guard duty

How the scam was done in Uttar Pradesh home guard duty

Nine officers have been arrested and many are still on the investigative agencies' radar for allegedly grabbing government money by showing fake deployment of home guard personnel in two districts of Uttar Pradesh.

But it is being told that this game of corruption in this department is not limited to two districts and not to duty duty, but its scope is very wide and it has been going on for many years.

About two weeks ago, the 'game of duty' of Home Guard jawans came to the fore with the connivance of officers in the Home Guard Department in Noida.

It was found that the number of home guards was lodged in police stations, whereas the number of soldiers actually sent was much less. The officials used to pay the amount of salary paid to the increased soldiers.

As soon as the matter came to notice, an FIR was registered against five officers and Home Guard Minister Chetan Chauhan ordered an inquiry into such irregularities in all the districts of the state.

But the very next day, on 18 November, a fire broke out in the room of the Noida district commandant home guard, where the documents related to the alleged scam were kept.

When the police arrested the platoon commander Rajeev Kumar, who allegedly set the fire on Wednesday, he was also surprised that the person who first reported the alleged scam was behind the burning of the documents.

Noida SSP Vaibhav Krishna says, "In July this year, Rajiv Kumar gave a written complaint about the scam on the basis of which a departmental inquiry was conducted and an FIR was registered against those found guilty and arrested. CCTV footage Rajiv Kumar has been arrested on charges of burning documents. "

Earlier, on November 20, Noida Police arrested five people in this case, including Divisional Commandant Ram Narayan Chaurasia and Assistant Commandant Satish Chandra. Chaurasia has served as the Home Guard Commandant in Noida from the year 2017 to 2019.

District Home Guard Commandant arrested

In July, after the complaint of platoon commander Rajiv Kumar, SSP Vaibhav Krishna got the SP City to investigate seven police stations, the investigation found the complaint correct.

It was found that by preparing fake muster rolls of home guards, embezzlement of crores of government funds was being done. After the matter came to light in Noida, orders were given to investigate it in the entire state.

At the same time, in the capital Lucknow, the case of grabbing salary by applying fake duty of homeguards was revealed. Inspector of the Gudamba police station of Lucknow lodged an FIR in this case after which the District Home Guard Commandant of Lucknow, Kripa Shankar Pandey was arrested.

DGP OP Singh said, "Investigation has revealed that the muster rolls have been embezzled by preparing muster rolls on the basis of fake documents. Only one station has lost more than five lakh rupees within two months. Only nine Home Guard personnel were deployed on duty while 23 soldiers were shown on paper. "

In the same case on Wednesday, the Gomtinagar police of Lucknow also arrested the block officer of the Home Guard Department, while another accused and the company commander of the Home Guard surrendered in the court.

Lucknow SSP Kalanidhi Naithani said that the police had been looking for both of them for a week in this case. Earlier, the government had suspended Divisional Commandate Home Guard DD Maurya of Meerut.

On coming to the notice of this matter, verification of the duty of Home Guard jawans is being done afresh in the entire state and instructions have been given to complete the verification work in one week from the District Commandate and the Divisional Commandate. Instructions have been given to stop payment of duty till the action is completed.

According to Principal Secretary Home Guard Anil Kumar, "Till now the record of duty of Home Guard jawans was only with the District Commandant. Now such arrangements are being made so that records can be kept at the police station level as well. Only one copy of the role was made, the original copy of which was deposited with the District Commandant. There was no other record nor presence was recorded. To that Home Guards was the station's presence on the first day of duty GD, then how long the duty and where the duty, it had no record. "

The New Order

According to the Principal Secretary, till now the responsible police officer who took duty on the muster roll had neither a clear name nor a clear signature.

But now such an arrangement is being made that these will be verified by the duty in-charges and stamped with their clear post and name. A copy of the muster roll will also be kept at the duty site i.e. the concerned police stations, so that the right and wrong duty can be known.

Home Guard Minister Chetan Chauhan says in a conversation with the BBC, "Investigations are being conducted in every district. Also investigation is being done in the police stations. Apart from this, many Home Guard jawans are also being interrogated. Everything is revealed in the investigation Will come. No one will be spared. "

The duty of Home Guard jawans is employed as an assistant to the policemen. As many homeguards are required in police stations and traffic arrangements, as many soldiers are sent from the Home Guard Department.

According to experts, this entire system is operated from the office of the District Commandant and the entire outline of the irregularity in duty is also made there. Subordinate officers of the Commandant play the role of his aide in it.

Scam is bigger than this'

On the condition of anonymity, an officer working in a higher position in the Home Guard Department says, "The scam that has come to light is nothing. The bigger scam is that every home guard's young man is still on duty. Commissions were compulsorily given in lieu of payment and the amount of this commission would directly go to the Commandant's office where it was monitored. Tightening of the Supreme Court and fixing the day of duty There has been some drawback after this, but the game is still going on. "

Many home guards confirm this. These jawans do not want to reveal their identity, but they have to say clearly that they regularly give money to the officers to get their duties done and to the place they want.

The Supreme Court recently gave orders to increase the salary of Home Guard jawans, after which their daily salary was increased from Rs 500 to Rs 672.

But the state government had reduced the day of duty from 25 to 15 in the month to accommodate this salary. It is being told that the officers also give duty for these fifteen days according to their own.

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