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Monday, 27 January 2020

Corona virus:

Corona virus: vigilance in India, monitoring people returned from China

The Indian government is also constantly reviewing the situation amid reports of deadly corona virus being transmitted outside China and China.

In Delhi, Union Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba reviewed India's preparedness to deal with any kind of situation.

However, according to a release issued by the government, not a single major case of corona virus infection has been reported in India so far.

Along with this, vigilance is being maintained in the border areas of states adjacent to Nepal in the country.

Nepal is the first South Asian country where the corona virus infection has been confirmed.

The Nepal government confirmed on January 24 that a student who had returned from China's virus-affected Wuhan province had received a virus infection.

But so far, about 450 people have been kept under surveillance in India, most of whom are in Kerala.

Many of these people have recently returned from China and had approached themselves for medical advice as a precaution.

Surveillance in kerala

PTI has quoted reports from officials that at least 436 people who have returned from China in the last few days are being monitored.

Officials said that so far, samples of blood were sent to the National Institute of Virology, Pune, and none of the samples were found positive.

Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja told reporters that necessary steps are being taken through coordination with district health officials.

The minister said, "We have opened such wards where people are being kept in isolation, although we do not have any confirmed news of a single case so far."

Meanwhile, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to arrange for the evacuation of Indians stuck in Wuhan province of China affected by the corona virus, including many people from Kerala.

He has written in a letter to the Prime Minister that according to the information the government is getting from relatives of Indian students studying in China, the situation is serious there.

Vijayan wrote in this letter, "It should be considered that a special aircraft should be sent to Wuhan and its nearby airports which brought back Indians from there."

Earlier, the Chief Minister of Kerala has also written twice to Foreign Minister S Jaishankar.

According to PTI, a team of doctors appointed by the Central Government visited Cochin International Airport and KMC Hospital and expressed satisfaction over the preparations.

Cause for concern in India

Last week, advisory was also issued in India in view of the ongoing concerns about corona virus infection.

The government has arranged thermal screening at seven airports in the country, including Delhi, so that if any person returning from China or Hong Kong shows the effects of infection, then it can be immediately investigated.

Dr. Sujit Kumar Singh, director of the National Center for Disease Control in India, told the BBC that the virus came from animals like the Mars and SARS viruses. Within ten to twenty days, the virus has infected 40 to 550 people. The virus which was limited to China till now has reached 5-6 countries.

He says, "If this virus has reached America, then the people of our country also travel to China. Around 1200 medical students are studying in China, most of them in Wuhan province. If we come back, the possibility of this virus coming to India increases a lot. "

Although he definitely says that nothing can be said about how this virus will react in India, because it is a new virus and not much is known about it.

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