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Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Donald Trump met Imran in Davos, said, ready to help Indo-Pak on Kashmir

Donald Trump met Imran in Davos, said, ready to help Indo-Pak on Kashmir

President Trump has also given such a statement in August last year.  Trump had then said that he would be ready to mediate the Kashmir case if India wanted to, but later said that India and Pakistan should resolve the issue bilaterally.

Donald Trump has already given such a statement

 Afghanistan peace process also discussed

 US President Donald Trump and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan met on Tuesday in Davos, Switzerland.  The two leaders met on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum (WEF).  During this time Donald Trump said that we are thinking about Kashmir in relation to India and Pakistan and will definitely do so if we can help.

 In a meeting outside the WEF, the two leaders agreed to enhance relations between the US and Pakistan.  President Trump and Prime Minister Imran Khan also spoke on mutual interest, regional security, Kashmir and Afghanistan peace process.  In the meeting, Imran Khan said that Pakistan has been an advocate of restoring peace in its region from the beginning and equal efforts are also continuing in this context.  Imran Khan said that he will always be ready to play his important role in the entire region.

In the meeting, President Trump said that Imran Khan is his good friend.  Even before this meeting of the two leaders, President Trump had told that extensive talks would be held on the Kashmir issue and the Afghan peace process.  The heads of many countries have reached this conference in Davos.  President Donald Trump and Imran Khan also met on the sidelines of this conference.

 Trump has spoken before

 However, this is not the first time that President Trump has given his opinion on Kashmir.  In August last year, Donald Trump said that if India wants, they are ready to mediate in the Kashmir case, but later they said that India and Pakistan should resolve the issue bilaterally.  There was a lot of discussion on this issue and India strongly opposed it.  India has been saying from the beginning that the Kashmir issue is bilateral with Pakistan and it does not like the interference of the third country on this.

Pakistan does not hawk

 On one hand, India describes Kashmir as an internal issue, on the other hand Pakistan has been raising it on different forums of the world.  In November last year, Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke to President Trump on the phone and cried the misery of Kashmir.  Imran Khan emphasized that President Trump should continue his efforts for peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue.  During this, he appreciated his offer of mediation on Kashmir.  Simultaneously, Imran Khan informed President Trump about the current situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

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