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Sunday, 12 January 2020

Iran America Tension: Trump warns Iran against attack on US airbase in Iraq

Iran America Tension: Trump warns Iran against attack on US airbase in Iraq

The US once again warned Iran in the midst of a late night attack on the US airbase in Iraq.  US President Donald Trump said on Sunday that the Iranian government should not condone the mass killing of protesters.  Our National Security Advisor has said that sanctions and demonstrations will force Iran to negotiate.  The US President said that if Iran takes the initiative of negotiation, it cannot be ignored.

 Trump said in a tweet that the initiative of the talks would depend entirely on Iran's attitude.  For this, Iran will have to desist from attempts to acquire nuclear weapons.  Not only this, Iran will also have to avoid killing of the protesters of the country.  The US President's statement comes after NSA Robert O'Brien's statement in which he said that Iran now has no choice but to negotiate with the Trump administration.  He also said that sanctions against Iran are now working.

It is noteworthy that eight rocket attacks were again carried out late Sunday night at the US Air Force base in Iraq.  Reports said that two Iraqi Air Force officers and two soldiers were injured in the latest attack.  However, the reward was that no American army personnel fell prey to it.  The military said in its statement that eight Katyusha-class rockets fell on the al-Balad airbase, about 70 km north of Baghdad.  It is known that this was the third attack by the US after the elimination of Qasim Tsunemani, targeting the American hideout.

Earlier, Iranian media claimed 80 lives in the attack, but the US President made it clear in his address that no American casualties were reported in the attack.  He had said that our great forces are always ready for any action.  It is known that after Suleimani was killed, Iran had warned of revenge and asked the US to withdraw its forces from the region.  It is said that no American was killed in the latest attack because most soldiers left the airbase after the tension.

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