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Monday, 13 January 2020

JNU violence: Who is the masked girl caught in the hand on the day of violence, police revealed

JNU violence: Who is the masked girl caught in the hand on the day of violence, police revealed

The Crime Branch of Delhi Police, which is investigating the violence in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), has identified a student who came to violence in a check shirt wearing a mask.  The Delhi Police on Sunday identified the girl, who appeared in the evening of January 5, carrying a stick in her hand among the goodies.  SIT officials involved in the investigation into the incident from January 3 to January 5 said that we will issue notice to the girl on Monday and ask her to join the investigation to identify two other masked boys.

 This student appearing in the mask is from Daulram College of Delhi University.  The girl was seen with a stick in her hand in CCTV footage and viral videos found after the campus violence and assault at the university.  The student had put a mask on her face.  Along with this, two other boys were also seen in the mask, which the police have not yet identified.  This information was given by Deputy Police Commissioner Joy Tirkey, who is heading the SIT.

 JNU students and teachers have been alleging that the girl is a member of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, but SIT officials have refused to comment on her political connections.

 In addition, the Crime Branch of Delhi Police investigating the JNU violence has identified seven more people.  Along with these new people, the police have so far identified 55 people, who are under investigation.  They have been issued notice for their involvement in the investigation.  The team engaged in the investigation has already called the JNU President to present his case, who had submitted his complaint and complaint before the police.

 At the same time, two others, including a student involved in the sting operation of a private channel, have also been called by the police for investigation.  The police say that the facts which will come before us will be included in the investigation.  However, a senior SIT official says that as the investigation is at a preliminary stage, many more people may come under the scanner.

 44 people of the group identified: The SIT probing the investigation has identified 44 people out of 60 of the WhatsApp group Unity Against Leaves allegedly created for the conspiracy of violence.  The crime branch has sent notice to all of them and called for investigation.  Apart from JNU student Akshat Awasthi appearing in the sting, student Rohit Shah has also been asked to join the investigation.  Akshat Awasthi was revealed to be part of the attack.

 23 members switched off mobiles: According to the police, 23 people belonging to the Unity Against Left WhatsApp group formed for violence after the initial tip-off have switched off their mobile phones.  At the same time, some have left the group only after the incident.

 No footage found due to server break

 The police have said that the CCTV installed there will not work due to server demolition.  Due to this, the police could not get any footage related to the incident from the spot.  At the same time, there is no camera in the premises except the main gate, due to this, footage of other places is also not available.  In such a situation, the identification and search of other accused is going on through viral photos and videos.  At the same time, the allegations of sabotage in the server room have been rejected by the JNU Students' Union.  JNU Students Union President Aishi Ghosh has said that on January 4 and 5, several e-mails have been sent from the same server.

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