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Saturday, 8 February 2020


Exit poll: Muslims unilaterally vote for AAP, know what was the caste equation of votes
If the exit poll figures are correct, then it will not be good news for BJP as well as Delhi as well as Bihar elections to be held later this year.  Because it will mean that BJP's bargaining power will be less in front of allies.

According to exit poll, 60 percent of Punjabi votes to AAP

 57% vote share of Jat community in favor of BJP

 The Aam Aadmi Party is seen getting an overwhelming majority in the exit poll which came after the end of voting for the Delhi Assembly elections.  The results of the exit poll of Aaj Tak Axis Mae India show that nothing more happened in Delhi than a broom.  Neither the aggressive campaigning of BJP nor the Congress's arguments in Delhi was useful.  The people of Delhi are once again seen to believe in Kejriwal.

 There are about 35 percent of Purvanchali voters in Delhi who directly affect 27 seats.  In the last several years, the number of Purvanchalis has increased rapidly in the population of Delhi.  Hence the importance of their vote has also increased.  According to exit poll, 55 percent of Purvanchalis voted for Kejriwal and 36 percent expressed confidence in the BJP.

 According to Aaj Tak's exit poll, the Aam Aadmi Party got the most support from the Punjabi community.  According to the poll, the AAP got the vote of 60 percent of the Punjabi community.  At the same time, the Punjab coalition got 31 percent, Congress 4 percent and others got 5 percent Punjabi vote share.

 Brahmin and Jat with BJP, general class with AAP

 At the same time, 57 percent of the Brahmins of Delhi voted for the Bharatiya Janata Party when it came to Brahmin.  At the same time, AAP got 35 percent, Congress 5 percent and others 3 percent Brahmin votes.  The difference in vote share of the general class between the AAP and the BJP was just 5 per cent.  50 percent people expressed confidence in the Aam Aadmi Party, while 45 percent people supported the Bharatiya Janata Party.  Congress could get only 3 percent and others 2 percent.

Jat votes, which had influence in many seats in Delhi, also appeared with the BJP.  According to Aajtak's survey, 57 percent of the Jat community spoke about voting for BJP, while 36 percent supported the AAP.  Apart from this, 4 percent showed Congress and 3 percent of Jat voters trusted other candidates.

OBC and Muslim class supported AAP

 According to the poll, 54 percent of OBC voters in Delhi voted for the Aam Aadmi Party.  At the same time, OBC vote shares were 38 percent in BJP's account, 5 percent in Congress's account and 3 percent in other's account.  Apart from this, Muslims have also reposed trust in Arvind Kejriwal.  According to the exit poll, 69 percent of the Muslims of Delhi voted for the Aam Aadmi Party, 15 percent for the Congress, 9 percent for the BJP and 7 percent for the other candidates.

67 percent of Valmiki society votes to AAP

 The people of Valmiki Samaj and SC class also pressed the button on the broom in support of Aam Aadmi Party.  According to the poll, 67 percent of the people of the Valmiki community said that they should vote for the Aam Aadmi Party.  At the same time, 18 percent people of this society voted for BJP, 9 percent people voted for Congress and 6 percent others.  Along with Valmiki society, 65 per cent of SC people supported AAP.  At the same time, 24 percent went to BJP, 5 percent to Congress and 6 percent to the account of others.

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