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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

The world's most powerful car

The world's most powerful car arrived in India, the security of the trump will be impregnable, 200 secret agents took charge, scan will be done

Police has prepared a special type of vehicle to protect the trump, every vehicle will be connected with CCTV camera

 All preparations for the security of US President Donald Trump have been completed.  All flights will be stopped three hours before their arrival and all the flights will remain closed as long as they stay here.  A private control room of the Secret Service has also been prepared for their safety in Ahmedabad.  The police has prepared a special type of vehicle to protect the trump.  In this vehicle, every CCTV camera installed on the way will get a feed and the entire route will be monitored.  With this, police personnel will be deployed on every route up to 500 meters.

 Bomb Scod will scan every path completely before the US President arrives.  Donald Trump and Modi will go to the Gandhi Ashram after doing a road show.  During this time, the ashram will remain closed for the common people.  Marine commandos will also be deployed in the river flowing near the ashram.  Apart from this, 3D cameras will also be installed in the ashram.  Here, on Tuesday, the agents engaged in the security of the Trump reached Agra and took stock of the security situation of the Taj Mahal.

 The world's most powerful car reached India

 US plane Hercules has reached Ahmedabad before Trump's tour.  Through this aircraft, essential equipment such as trump convoy cars, spy cameras, fire safety systems were brought.  The most special of these was the Road Runner car.  This car is a part of the convoy on every tour of the trump.  With this special vehicle, the communication of the convoy of the US President remains from the Ministry of Defense.  Video streaming is done on the tour of the trump itself, it is sent directly to the Ministry of Defense via satellite.

 Homelessness crisis on 45 families

 Before Trump's tour of Gujarat, 45 families living in slums near Motera Stadium have faced the crisis of homelessness.  The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has given notice to 45 families to vacate their accommodation.  200 families engaged in construction say that they have been asked to leave.  The families say that they have been living here for two decades and now they are being removed from here.  However, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation said that the notice has no connection with the program of the Trump.

 All shops will be closed for pan eaters: Before the tour of the trump, an order has been issued to close the pan shop on all the roads in Ahmedabad, the way through which the tramp will pass.

 Gandhi's autobiography, pictures and charkha will be presented: During the visit of Trump's Sabarmati Ashram, a spinning wheel, two books based on the life of Mahatma Gandhi and a picture of him will be gifted.

 Ahmedabad city walls painted with Namaste Trump

 Before the trump and Melania reach Ahmedabad, the roads in Ahmedabad are flooded with namaste trump posters and paintings.  Apart from the big banners, the walls are painted with paintings of America India and Narendra Modi and Donald Trump.

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