Train-bus-metro canceled till 31 March due to fear of corona virus, 6 patients died so far, - AB TAK NEWS


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Sunday, 22 March 2020

Train-bus-metro canceled till 31 March due to fear of corona virus, 6 patients died so far,

Train-bus-metro canceled till 31 March due to fear of corona virus, 6 patients died so far,

Coronavirus News: The number of people infected with Coronavirus is increasing everyday in the country. In view of this, the Indian Railways has stopped operating all passenger trains. At the same time, metro services have also been stopped. The number of patients infected with the corona virus in the country has reached 341. Today, 26 new cases have been reported. According to the Health Ministry, till 10.45 on Saturday night, the number of people infected with the virus was 315, of which 22 people have completely recovered. So far 6 people have died of corona in India, while 300,000 people are infected all over the world and 13,000 people have died from this disease. On March 13 and 16, 12 passengers traveling in trains were found to be corona virus positive.

                            Important information related to the case:

1   The government has taken a big decision in view of the danger of Coronavirus. Now till March 31, all trains, metro and interstate bus services have been stopped. Earlier, the Railways had said that passenger trains will not be operational till 31 March across the country. Only goods trains are exempted from this order.

2   Bihar's Health Secretary Sanjay Kumar said that a 38-year-old man recently returned from Qatar died in Patna AIIMS (AIIMS). However, the cause of death is being reported as kidney failure. Also, this person was also infected with COVID-19, he said that the death of a 63-year-old woman has also been reported from Mumbai. After this, six people have died in the corona infected people.

3  The Center has advised the state governments to close all schools, colleges, gyms, clubs, museums, swimming pools, theaters including malls by 31 March. Any kind of social gating is forbidden.

4   Punjab and Uttarakhand have declared lockdowns on Sunday. Earlier, Rajasthan government has also ordered "complete bandh" by 31 March. Public transport, malls and shops have been completely closed. On the other hand, the state government has decided to distribute food packets and wheat to protect the poor from this disease. Punjab had already stopped public transport. To prevent the infection of covid19, many states have banned the bus and movement completely.

5    Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his tweet yesterday - I have many such brothers and sisters who come from village to city every day for employment. My appeal to these people is that stay where you are right now because this infection spreads by traveling in a crowd and then wherever you go it will infect the place and the people there too.

6   For the prevention of covid 19, Jharkhand has written a letter to the Railway Board asking that by March 31, trains coming from other states be put on entering the state.

7   Gujarat has locked its special cities Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot and Vadodara till this Wednesday. Only shops selling essential items like vegetables, dairy, and medical items will remain open. Goa has sealed all kinds of tourist places. No outsiders are allowed to enter Goa.

8  PM Modi today called for 'Janata Curfew'. Officials say that in view of social security and convenience, metro services will start on Monday for a few hours. International airlines have also been banned for a week.

9   Famous temples like Tirumala, Kashi Vishwanath, places like Taj Mahal and famous tourist place have been closed so that people do not get crowded and the virus cannot spread.

10   Maharashtra has the highest number of 63 cases of corona virus, including three foreigners. After this, there are 52 cases in Kerala, including seven foreign nationals. 27 people were found infected in Delhi, including a foreigner, while in Uttar Pradesh, 25 cases including a foreigner were reported. A total of 21 cases of infection including 11 foreigners have been reported in Telangana while 24 cases including two foreigners have been found in Rajasthan. 17 cases were registered in Haryana out of which 14 are foreigners. 20 people were found infected with the virus in Karnataka. 13-13 people are infected in Punjab and Ladakh. 14 cases were reported in Gujarat while six cases were registered in Tamil Nadu, including two foreigners. In Chandigarh, five people were hit by the corona virus.

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