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Monday, 13 April 2020

Beetroot: Make the skin pink and beautiful

           Beetroot: Make the skin pink and beautiful

A new research has revealed that beet juice is most beneficial for health. The specialty of its juice is that it increases stamina. Especially when you are tired of exercising. This exercise causes less fatigue while exercising. This can increase exercise duration by 16 percent.

According to researchers at Exeter University, the nitrate found in beet juice prevents excess oxygen from entering the body during exercise. Which reduces fatigue. Researchers also did some experiments to prove this.

Eight people aged between 19 and 38 were involved during the trial. While exercising the cycle, he was given 500 ml juice of sugar beet for six consecutive days. A second test consisted of a drink called a placebo during bicycle exercise. On comparing the two, it was found that beet juice is more effective than a drink called placebo. Beet juice increases exercise duration by 92 seconds. Also beet juice keeps blood pressure stable during exercise.

Not only do you stay healthy with red and fresh beetroot but it also adds beauty to your beauty. The biggest reason for this is that its intake increases hemoglobin. Blood purifies.

Beet juice proves effective in maintaining a feeling of freshness in a tired life. Another research is trying to prove that beetroot is beneficial for the beauty of skin and eyes. No beetroot in keeping the skin young, shiny, smooth and pink. On the other hand, a researcher of Indian origin has said in his study that it is a good medicine to reduce the risk of heart attack.

A team led by Amrita Ahluwalia of Queen Mary University in London found that a chemical called nitrate in beet juice reduces blood pressure significantly. This reduces the risk of heart disease or seizures. Beetroot naturally contains nitrate, which produces nitric oxide gas in the blood, which lowers blood pressure by widening blood vessels and arteries.
According to a report published in the journal 'Hypertension', since high blood pressure is the main cause of heart disease and kidney failure, the importance of beet has to be accepted.

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