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Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Covid-19: Lockdown ended in Wuhan, China after 76 days

Covid-19: Lockdown ended in Wuhan, China after 76 days, Coronavirus started from here

For the first time since data on fatal corona virus in China was published since January, there was not a single case of death due to corona virus global epidemic in the country.

Wuhan: While Coronavirus has caused havoc in the world, the lockdown has been ended in the city of China from where the virus was introduced. In Wuhan city of China, there was a lockdown for the last 11 weeks. After China, coronavirus spread to other countries, many countries imposed lockdown. The lockdown was lifted at midnight on Wednesday in Wuhan. Let me tell you, most of the 82,000 cases of Kovid-19 in China were in Wuhan. For the first time since statistics on fatal corona virus in China were published since January, there was not a single case of death from the corona virus global pandemic in the country and that Wuhan was now the epicenter of the infection. Is preparing to open for the journey of

While China has started opening Wuhan, concerns are also rising in the country about the return of the corona virus as the number of 32 new cases of infection from abroad has increased to 983. It told that where there was no case of corona virus infection spreading on Monday. The National Health Commission said on Tuesday that no case of death was revealed on Monday. The official figure of corona virus dead in China is 3,331. On Monday, a total of 30 such cases were reported on the Chinese territory in which the infection has been confirmed but the symptoms of Kovid-19 are not visible.

In this case, people can infect others even if they do not see symptoms. From last week, China started to show the number of people in whom the symptoms were not visible. People were raising concerns about the spread of the disease with these "silent carriers".

The first case came to light in Wuhan in December and after that it spread like wildfire across the world. Wuhan, however, has prepared to start rail and air services from Wednesday. Wuhan is the capital of Hubei province and Hubei has already started travel facilities for outsiders.

According to the government media, normal life will resume for the local people on April 8 after more than two months of segregation. Epidemiologists believe that however, there is no time to be heedless about this disease and not to remove the restrictions altogether. His statement is especially about those infected people who are not showing any symptoms.

The administration, however, removed the stringent restrictions that have been in place for 76 days, however, have asked local people to maintain strict community-based monitoring and management and to ensure that new cases of infection do not come to light after the resumption of traffic.

While local people are excited about the lifting of the ban, epidemiologists, local doctors and officials warned that this is not the time to rejoice because all the things about the virus are not clear and the infected people Along with the numbers, there are increasing difficulties due to the presence of such people, despite the infection, the symptoms are not visible.

Family services have already started in Wuhan within the city and on Wednesday, rail and air services will also start from here to other parts of China.

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