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Sunday, 26 April 2020

Future of the World Health Organization

Future of the World Health Organization

President Donald Trump has suspended the payment of US money to the World Health Organization, saying that the organization hid China's misinformation about the corona virus. He said that the role of the World Health Organization is being investigated to cover up the spread of the corona virus. This was a big blow to this organization as it is believed that this organization works without being influenced by international politics.

The World Health Organization receives the largest part of its funding from the United States and is being accused by the US of mismanagement of the Corona Virus Crisis that it has concealed the information and not communicated it to the world community in a timely manner. is. The move was taken by the US when China prohibited the publication of research papers regarding the production of the corona virus. According to the US President, the World Health Organization seems to have become China-centric and could not announce the spread of the epidemic in time. Republican lawmakers in the US have asked the World Health Organization to make public their correspondence with the Chinese government and the Communist Party of China about public health from 19 August 2019, as well as to state that this epidemic in China How many people got infected and how many people died. They want the United States to provide funds to organizations that take equal care of the interests of all the countries of the world.

This comment raises doubts about the neutrality of this international organization. The United States provides the highest funding to the World Health Organization and has an annual contribution of $ 450 million, approximately one-fourth of the organization's budget. It has been reported that the organization is reviewing the impact of the moratorium on the funds given to it by the United States and that it will have to fill this gap in order to stop the functioning of the organization. Expressing serious concern over the US suspending World Health Organization funding, China has indicated an increase of about $ 45 million in its contribution. But it will not be compensated. People in the US and in other countries are of the opinion that this is not the right time to suspend funding of the World Health Organization or any organization working in humanitarian work.

Apart from combating the corona virus, the World Health Organization is also involved in eradication of polio, smallpox, Ebola, HIV, tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes, mental illnesses etc. This organization is constantly trying to prevent the return of diseases which have also been eradicated. The organization works closely with the health systems of various countries and continues to strive to improve people's access to life-saving health services. All countries need to unite to combat the corona virus. Without him, all the poor, rich countries will come in trouble. It is not yet clear whether the spread of the corona virus can be prevented by human efforts. The World Health Organization has launched global efforts for effective drug discovery for the treatment of corona virus. Today, there are more than 2.5 million cases of corona virus infection in the world and more than 7 lakh are in America. These cases are to reach 2 lakhs in Spain and Italy. France and Germany have about one and a half million, and in Britain there are close to one lakh 20 thousand. At present, the number of such cases in India is less than 20 thousand and its position is good in other countries. 185 countries are affected by this epidemic and more than 1 lakh 60 thousand people have died so far.

China announced a lockdown in Wuhan on 23 January and the Director General of the World Health Organization warned that the state of emergency is for China and not for the world. However, the virus is likely to spread all over the world. Experts about the risk of this virus have been different. But by the end of January, a global disaster was declared. America had not realized this danger before and declared a national emergency on 13 January regarding the corona epidemic. At a time when the services and expertise of the World Health Organization are most in need, it cannot be imagined to put it in financial crisis. The organization has made many achievements in polio, smallpox eradication, yellow fever vaccination and mental health services. The organization has taken over the administration of world health and disease by its functions and is undertaking the enforcement and coordination of monitoring norms and standards between various countries and organizations. All organizations of the United Nations should stay away from international politics and the World Health Organization should be kept absolutely free from politics because health and disease cannot be separated from international borders but now this notion is being proved wrong.

Globalization has created both opportunities and challenges for health promotion and disease control. This has accelerated the spread of infectious diseases, so good progress has also been made in the medical field by sharing of knowledge, knowledge, health systems, treatment methods etc. Today, the rise of travel, business, communication and connectivity in the world requires global teamwork as it has led to globalization of diseases, information, ideas, rights and obligations and has affected humanity and even life and plant life. Public health is not a local subject today but it has become a global subject. A new global health era is taking shape in which efforts are being made to support and coordinate, joint use of materials and human resources, dissemination of knowledge and information. International management of health and diseases is possible only when we establish global norms and standards.

The corona virus is a devastating epidemic and has exposed the limitations of international organizations and their dependence on powerful countries. These organizations depend on member nations for dissemination of information and this is their weakness and power. The 73rd World Health Conference is to be held next month and before that concrete proposals should be brought forward to further strengthen the World Health Organization. At the same time the organization should be freed from the accusations of the US because the world community has the right to know the truth of the spread of corona epidemic and the world community will have to unite against it. The world cannot stand up to ideas and speculation about the production and spread of infectious germs.

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