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Sunday, 17 May 2020

Who benefits in Indo-Nepal tension

Who benefits in Indo-Nepal tension

India has recently inaugurated the Lipulekh pass road which is the main route for those traveling from India to Kailash Mansarovar. It also supplies military goods to India's China border. The Mahakali River and the Gandak River decide the Indo-Nepal border, but the nature of the rivers that they change their place in every season, due to which the boundary lines between India Nepal arise. Not only this, India Nepal is so close culturally, religiously, geographically that among them, the common people never cared about the border line. Even today, people on both sides roam from side to side like mangoes.

But in Nepal these days the voices of opposition to India are high, people are standing in the dock from the streets to the Nepali Parliament and asking why India is occupying Kalapani, Lipulekh, while the area is from Nepal. . The Nepal government and the common people are referring to their 1816 Treaty of Sugauli with the British. Not only this, Nepalese are also referring to the travelogue of Kailash Mansarovar pilgrims going from India, who were greatly supported by the Nepalese security forces when they passed through the region. Along with this Nepali is also citing old receipts of revenue collection and identity cards of the people of those villages. The claim of India is a map of 1875 which shows the areas of Lipulekh and Kalapani India. In India's claims, there are many places in 1800 km of Nepal-India border, here both countries have to assess the border right now. Even before this, Nepal's internal circumstances created an atmosphere of opposition to India at the time of the change of constitution of Nepal and determination of parliamentary constituency. The area of ​​Terai in Nepal is of Madheshi and the mountainous region consists of Mongolian people. People of the mountain are close to China. Magheshi is close to India. Their mutual disputes often become anti-India.

The current dispute is also the work of an anti-India organization that does not want to maintain a close proximity between Nepal and India. India has been supplying everyday goods to Nepal for hundreds of thousands of years, millions of Nepalese have also lived like Indians in India. But anti-India alliances, Nepal alliances have been adding some new controversy in the Indo-Nepal relations. Late in the morning, the curtain will definitely be removed from the face of those forces who do not want to allow India-Nepal relations to remain normal and friendly. India should remove the doubts of its immediate neighbor who have been living with them for centuries. The solution to each problem is possible by mutual meeting. India should calm Nepal's latest anger and differences as soon as China is sitting on the other side of Nepal, seeing many advantages in it.

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