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Saturday, 16 May 2020

Worker's life on lockdown in India

Worker's life on lockdown in India

The race for the return of the workers to the village and the ordeal of death created on the road has shaken these days. The journey of hundreds of thousands of miles from the old to the children and women who are seen walking on the streets these days is not only a challenge for the governments involved in democracy, but also puts a question mark on their work. Just as the number of accidents on the roads has increased and the death toll is sky-high, they can shake up any civilized society.

Accidents indicate that even bigger problem than corona virus is the return of laborers these days. A number of crores of people became unemployed due to the lockdown. This 50-day lockdown also increased hunger and thirst. The virus has made all the government or non-government organizations marginalized. Some voluntary organizations are still showing their readiness in service but they are also not equipped with unlimited resources. The question is whether before the lockdown the government could not guess that the daily laborers or those who do small jobs in the factories, driving rickshaws, autos, taxis, sweeping the houses, Not only do we provide services as outsourcing in offices, but what will be the attitude of crores of workers, including selling cobblers, slippers and shoe makers. The gathering of lakhs of people who went home to Delhi on the third day of the lockdown implemented from 25 March, testifies this fact.
The corona meter started increasing at a daily pace, but the problem was increasing elsewhere, whereabouts and hunger for the unemployed workers, which changed them from life to life. The sequence was very mild at first, but these days floods have taken place. The steps of homecoming can be seen from all over the country and the death toll is also being recorded in the whole country and now many accidents can be seen throughout the day. To give an example of May 16, 24 laborers in the Auraiya of Uttar Pradesh became gras of time. They were going to their villages from Haryana and Rajasthan. Most of the laborers were from West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar. As the days passed, the fear of corona increased among the people and people were completely imprisoned in homes, but as if this does not apply to laborers.

Obviously, what should not make hunger and thirst. Who can see the hunger of their own children and family members? In such a situation, when the city does not live up to the expectations, it is bound to miss the village and the workers did the same. Even though they have to travel for a thousand kilometers on foot, they have the comfort of going to the village in some corner. In a democracy, it is said that governments take the pain of the people as their own. But it is clearly seen here that the governments have been cut off from their pain. By the way, experience also says that the village gives shelter in sorrow and pain, even when nothing happens from anywhere. How did the administration and government make an error in understanding such a small thing. The Railway Ministry figures that it has done the work of returning 10 lakh people back to their homes. The figure may have increased now, but it is insufficient. Some state governments, including Uttar Pradesh, have brought back some trapped people, including laborers and students, by bus. It was a good initiative but if it was done ahead of time, it would have been called decision and chokha.

It is difficult to say whether the government is aware of the figure of reaching their respective villages on foot. A negative perspective is also that the continuous withdrawal of laborers has given impetus to the corona meter across India. Significantly, these days the economy is at a standstill. Since May 12, some trains have been run slowly and are being explored in the areas of possibility. Even if the phase of lockdown remains with slop, but no one knows when the corona will be released. It is difficult to say how much and where the solution is, while the problem is still in spate. However, there is a big heart to give. There is no food problem in the country, such is the statement from the Food Minister. 5 kg ration was given. Now how much it will be able to compensate is also a matter of investigation. The question is, when there is a concern in food distribution, why did the workers want to return home. Is it not that the story is being told something else by writing pink letters on black paper. Ram Vilas Paswan has accepted that it is difficult to find out how many laborers are poor, so delay in announcing the grant of 5 kg ration free is natural.

The governments of the state have taken up the responsibility of good governance, but the work of the laborers has also not been completed. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is considered as good governance babu, but he kept on shouting for many days before taking back the residents of his own state. He feared that his arrival in Bihar would spread the corona. The central government has taken many economic steps, obviously not everyone will get relief completely, but the intention of the government also cannot be completely ignored. A three-month exemption in EMI repayment is likely that many steps have already been taken, from the time it will move forward to filing returns, and now the government is showing generosity through a mini budget. Farmers, laborers, middle class and street vendors are in the throes of their gift, but only time will tell how much profit will be made.

At the moment it is also important to note that the laborers too have taken an active part in taking the Modi government beyond 300. He is not only a voter but a respected citizen of the country. The problem of each worker is the problem of the country. The government should open its eyes completely on this. It is possible that in this difficult period, all the arrangements of the government are falling short, but it is their responsibility. Significantly, in the coming days, when the factories will open tomorrow, vehicles will run on the roads, planes will also fly in the air, then due to the lack of these workers, difficulties will also appear. It is difficult to say when the workers going to the village will now move to the city. The situation also shows that their trust in the government has also been weakened, which the governments will have to pay. At the moment, dealing with Corona is a priority, but it is necessary to rein in accidents and to reach their homes.

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