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Friday, 6 November 2020

China's attempt to change LAC not accepted: General Bipin Rawat

 China's attempt to change LAC not accepted: General Bipin Rawat

Chief of Defense Services General of the country Bipin Rawat has said that no change in the line of actual control will be accepted.

According to a report published in the newspaper Indian Express, he said, "There is little possibility of fighting with China in terms of security, but the possibility of escalating conflict due to tension on the border and military action without provocation can not be denied."

The eighth round of talks between Indian and Chinese military commanders has begun on Friday to resolve the border tension in Ladakh for the past six months.

The newspaper writes that General Rawat was attending a seminar on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of India's well-known National Defense College.

He "blamed China's antics" for the ongoing tension on the Line of Actual Control and said that India would not accept any change in the Line of Actual Control. He said that the status quo on the border will be retained.

According to the newspaper, he said that the strong response of the Indian Army is confronting the unforeseen consequences of its audacity in Ladakh.

He said that there is no possibility of large scale conflict on the border but friendship between China and Pakistan can become a "threat" at any time.

Explaining this, he said that "India is facing a variety of external challenges. India has previously fought with our two neighbors who are equipped with nuclear weapons. Both are now collaborating with each other." This has increased the risk of regional instability, which is a threat to our regional integrity and strategic cohesion. "

He also said that India's relations with China are going to be competitive. He said, "The border dispute with China is already going on, it is trying to increase its dominance in South Asia on road projects. We also have unbalanced economic relations between us. In such a situation, the relationship between the two countries becomes competitive." Will stay. "

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