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Saturday, 7 November 2020

Joe Biden

                                   Joe Biden

Joe Biden: From Barack Obama's Mate to President

Joe Biden, who won the US presidential elections, has been the Vice President in both the tenures of former President Barack Obama. 77-year-old Joe Biden has also joined the race for the first presidential candidature twice more. First time in 1988 and second time in 2008.

For the first time in 1988, he had cast himself out of the race for presidential candidacy, saying that he had copied the speech of British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock.

In fact, when Biden first tried to become a candidate in the presidential election in 1987, he began claiming at rallies that, "My ancestors worked in coal mines in northwestern Pennsylvania." "

Biden began to say in his speech that his forefathers did not get the opportunity to move forward in life, which they were entitled to, and they were very upset about this

However, the fact is that none of Biden's ancestors had ever worked in a coal mine. The truth was that Biden had said this while copying Neil Kinnock's address. Neil Kinock's ancestors were actually laborers working in the coal mine.

After this, he also joined the presidential race for the Democratic Party in 2008, but at that time Barack Obama was made the candidate for the party.

Then he was elected as the Vice-President. It is believed that Barack Obama made him his choice for the vice-presidency because of his excellent grip on US foreign policy.

In his speech on the occasion of his victory, Barack Obama praised Biden and said that "my colleague has wholeheartedly supported me in this journey".

Barack Obama later also described him as "the best Vice President America has ever found". Biden has been a strong supporter of Obama's decisions such as the Affordable Care Act, economic stimulus packages, and financial industry reform.

Joe Biden has been a six-time senator from the province of Delaware. In 1972, he was elected senator from here for the first time. He was the youngest senator at that time. At that time, he was only 30 years old.

early life

Joe Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1942 to an Irish-Catholic family. Apart from him, he has three more siblings.

His family later left Pennsylvania and moved to Delaware, the northeastern state of America. After schooling there, Joe Biden completed his studies from the University of Delaware and Syracuse Law School.

In the beginning of his political career, he supported those opposing teaching together to reduce racial discrimination among American children.

At that time, the South American states were against the idea that white American children should be filled in buses and taken to black areas.

During this time's election campaign, Biden was repeatedly targeted for his stand. He has also been a strong supporter of the anti-crime bill introduced in 1994. Critics of this bill say that this has led to large sentences and lengthy detention.

Due to this kind of attitude of Joe Biden, his party has faced an uncomfortable situation many times.

In 2012, he came into the limelight when he openly supported gay marriage. This was seen as ignoring the then President Barack Obama because till that time Obama had not openly expressed his opinion on it.

A few days after Biden's support, Obama finally made a statement in favor of homosexuality.

family life

Joe Biden was preparing to take the oath by winning the US Senate election for the first time in 1972, when his wife Neelia and daughter Naomi died in a car accident. In this accident, both his sons Bue and Hunter were also injured.

In 2015, Bu died at the age of 46 from a brain tumor.

Peter Bal of the BBC World Service writes in his report that many ordinary Americans today feel connected to Biden because of losing so many people at such a young age. People feel that despite being such a big political figure and so close to power, Biden has also faced the pain that a common man has to deal with.

However, the story of a part of Biden's family is completely different. Especially his second son Hunter.

Joe Biden's second son Hunter started lobbying after completing his law studies. After this, his life became unbridled.

Hunter's first wife filed a divorce application in court citing his addiction to alcohol and drugs as well as regularly going to strip clubs. Hunter was fired from the US Navy after being found guilty of cocaine abuse.

Hunter Biden once confided in a conversation with the New Yorker magazine that a Chinese energy businessman had given him a diamond as a gift. Later the Chinese government investigated allegations of corruption on this businessman.

Biden has suffered a lot of political setbacks due to the spectacle Hunter created in his personal life. Last year, Hunter married another girl with whom he had met only a week earlier. Apart from this, Biden has also been targeted for Hunter's huge earnings.

Allegations on biden

Last year, eight women came forward and alleged that Biden had touched, hugged or kissed them in an objectionable manner.

After accusing these women, several American news channels showed pictures of Biden greeting public women at public functions. In these, Biden was also seen sniffing the hair of women.

In response to these allegations, Biden said, "In the future I will take extra care when greeting women."

But, in March this year, American actress Tara Reid accused Joe Biden of sexual violence with her thirty years ago. They had tried to force them towards the wall by pushing them.

At the time, Tara Reid was working as a support worker at Biden's office. Joe Biden strongly refuted Tara Reid's claim and issued a statement saying, "It hadn't happened at all."

In an interview this year, Tara Reid had said, "Biden's colleagues have been saying lewd things about me and are even talking about me on social media. Biden himself did not say anything to me. However, a hypocrisy is clearly visible in Biden's entire campaign, that women are not at any risk from him. The truth is that it was never safe to live close to Biden. "

Joe Biden's publicity team also denied Tara Reid's allegations.

Biden's stand on foreign policy

Joe Biden's supporters remain convinced of his understanding of foreign policy. He has a long experience of diplomacy along with nearly five decades of political experience. It is also seen as his biggest strength in the field of politics.

Biden, who has previously been chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, has been boasting that "I have met almost every major politician in the world in the last 45 years."

Joe Biden voted against the 1991 Gulf War. However, in 2003 he voted in support of the attack on Iraq. However, he later became a vocal critic of the US occupation in Iraq.

In such cases, Biden often walks carefully. Biden advised Obama not to carry out the attack of American commandos in which Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan.

Biden's attitude has been moderate in most matters related to foreign policy. Biden has been thinking that by adopting this middle-of-the-line approach, he can draw voters who are unable to decide who to choose between Trump and him.

Biden's opinion about Kashmir and India

In the month of June this year, Joe Biden gave a statement in favor of the Kashmiris, saying that all rights of Kashmiris should be restored.

Biden had said that whatever steps can be taken to restore the rights of Kashmiris, the Government of India should take. He also expressed disappointment about the Citizenship Amendment Act of India i.e. CAA. Apart from this, he also described the National Register of Citizens i.e. NRC as disappointing.

A policy paper published on Biden's campaign website states, "India has an old tradition of secularism and multi-religious democracy with a multifaceted sense. These decisions of the government are completely opposite."

Biden's policy paper on Kashmir states, "To restore the rights of the Kashmiri people, India must take every step. Restrict the disagreement, stop peaceful demonstrations, shut down or slow down internet service to democracy." To weaken.

In June, a group of American Hindus raised objections to Biden's policy paper, and in front of Biden's campaign, the group expressed displeasure over the language of the policy paper, according to news agency PTI. This group said that it is anti-India and should be considered.

However, Biden has been seen as a friend of India until decades as a senator and vice-president for eight years. Biden has also advocated increasing bilateral trade between India and the United States.

He has been talking about taking India-US trade to 500 billion dollars. Biden has also been organizing Diwali at his vice-president's residence.

An 'inefficient' speaker

Biden's friendly nature has been his true strength and his grin has been his philosophy in a way. He is famous as a sweet-spoken leader, who easily wins the hearts of the people. But BBC correspondent Nick Bryant writes in his analysis that during the election campaign his speeches carried the form of long monologues reminding him of his Senate days.

“Sometimes he used to name his colleagues during his tenure as Vice President. But no political talk came out of his examples and stories. When he talked about saving America's soul, he never explicitly stated what he actually meant. "

He writes, "I have been reporting on American politics for the past 30 years but I found him to be the weakest candidate in the race for the nation's biggest office. He dropped out of the presidential race in 2016, from Jeb Bush Even worse candidates seemed. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush would have at least completed his talk whether or not someone praised him after he finished his talk. "

Controversial statement

Despite this, BBC correspondent Peter Ball believes that Biden has a natural ability to woo voters. But at the same time, he also believes that the biggest risk with Biden is that he can make a misrepresentation at any time, so that all his work is done but the water is lost again.

Peter Ball writes that Biden often gets carried away with emotion when he encounters the public, and for this reason his first presidential election campaign ended abruptly before it began (when he copied Neil Kinnock's speech). .

Recounting his political experience in 2012, Biden misled the public by saying, "Friends, I can tell you that I have worked with eight presidents. With three of them, I have close proximity Are concerned. "

The real meaning of his statement was that he had worked closely with three presidents. But the words in which he uttered the same thing mean that he had sexual relations with his three presidents.

When Barack Obama made Joe Biden the vice-presidential candidate, Biden intimidated people by saying that there was a 30 percent chance that Obama and he could together make mistakes in improving the economy.

Earlier, Biden stirred up Obama by saying, "Obama is the first African-American citizen who speaks well." Are sensible. Not corrupt and good looking too. "

Despite his statements, he is very popular among the Afro-American community.

It was because of such unbridled statements by Biden that a journalist from New York magazine wrote that the entire publicity team of Biden is insisting that he should not make any inter-shunt statement.

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